South Carolina School Board Lays the Smackdown on Woke Ideology

AP Photo/Marta Lavandier

Now that the midterm elections are over, a reckoning is nigh in the battle over education. After two years of a furious national debate over far-leftist ideas being infused into K-12 classrooms, conservatives have managed to get into positions of power where they can actually push back against this troubling trend.

All across the nation, conservative candidates for school boards have been elected. Many of these boards have flipped from progressive to conservative – especially in states like Florida and Texas. This is the outcome of the backlash that occurred when parents realized educators and school staff were advancing so-called progressive ideas on race, sexuality, and gender identity in the classroom.

Despite leftist claims that their ideology is not being presented to children, numerous news reports suggest otherwise motivated people take a stand. It began when parents began showing up at school board and city council meetings to protest the inappropriate material being given to small children. It continued when state legislators passed laws barring these types of teachings in the classrooms.

But it was always apparent that real change could only be affected at the local level. The Berkeley County school board may have just given an example of what we can expect to see in various states when it comes to removing far-leftist teachings from the classroom.

NBC News reported:

On Tuesday evening, the Berkeley County School District in South Carolina swore in the board members who were elected last week, six of whom were endorsed by the conservative activist group Moms for Liberty.

Within two hours, the school board had voted to fire the district’s first Black superintendent, terminate the district’s lawyer, ban critical race theory and set up a committee to decide whether certain books and materials should be banned from schools.

In addition, the board voted to replace the chair with Mac McQuillin, a local attorney and one of the board members backed by Moms for Liberty.

The fact that the author of the report felt the need to mention that the former superintendent is black tells you all you need to know about how the left is going to react to this backlash when it goes national, doesn’t it?

Moms for Liberty has endorsed over 500 school board candidates nationwide. About 49 percent of them won their elections, according to NBC. “The organization’s candidates were highly successful in Florida, but they had mixed results in Arkansas, California, Michigan and other states,” according to the report.

What is noteworthy about these elections is how some activist media outlets are attempting to downplay their significance. The Associated Press reported that “[c]onservative groups that sought to get hundreds of “parents’ rights” activists elected to local school boards largely fell short in last week’s midterm elections, notching notable wins in some Republican strongholds but failing to gain a groundswell of support among moderate voters.”

The author also noted that “several gubernatorial candidates who leaned heavily on parents’ rights fell short, including in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Maine.”

The Texas Tribune celebrated the fact that Round Rock, TX, an Austin suburb, rejected right-leaning school board candidates. But even they had to admit that “Texas Republicans largely swept Tuesday’s elections and GOP-backed school board trustees made gains elsewhere in the state.”

From where I sit, these people are taking a massive hit of copium, choosing to see what they want to see. The fact of the matter is that candidates who oppose wokeism in schools are gaining ground across the nation. This is especially true in red states like Texas, which, along with Virginia, has become ground zero in this battle.

Polling has shown repeatedly that most parents – including those who vote Democrat – are against the teaching of these ideas in K-12 schools, which is why progressives have relied on trying to convince the public that it is not happening. Nevertheless, more people are waking up to the machinations of progressives, and they are not on board with this particular agenda. Hopefully, Berkeley County will be the first of many to banish this pernicious ideology from its schools.



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