The Abbott Express Strikes Again: More Illegals Sent to Kamala Harris’ D.C. Home, NYC

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is not stopping. Only days after he sent two busloads of illegal immigrants and migrants seeking asylum to Vice President Kamala Harris’ home, another group has arrived on her doorstep on Saturday morning.


“The D.C. bus carried people mostly from Venezuela, including a one-month-old baby. Aid workers quickly whisked the migrants away to a local shelter,” according to Fox News.

But that wasn’t the Abbott Express’ only stop. Texas also dropped off three more busloads of illegal aliens in New York City on Saturday. Over 11,000 migrants have been sent to the Big Apple since May, mostly from Texas.

“We’re sending migrants to her backyard to call on the Biden Administration to do its job & secure the border,” Abbott tweeted in relation to the migrants shipped to Harris’ home.

New York Mayor Eric Adams has complained about the influx of migrants since it first began, claiming that it has taxed his city’s resources.

The New York Post reported:

The arrivals to New York has severely tested the city’s social services. Mayor Adams has said the New York’s shelters have reached a “breaking point” and City Hall has begun saying the Big Apple’s “right to shelter” laws may have to be reassessed as the migrant onslaught continues.

Abbott has been reportedly escalating his state’s operations in New York City since the start of September. In one instance, Texas sent eight busloads in one day to Manhattan, according to volunteers on the ground.


“Before, it used to be one or two a day, three days a week. Now it’s six or seven in a day and almost every day, sometimes even at night,’’ an aid worker from Team TLC NYC told the New York Post.

I think it is safe to conclude that this is not merely a quick stunt to own the libs. The Abbott Express initiative appears to be a long-term endeavor to give blue cities a taste of what border towns have been experiencing ever since President Joe Biden took office.

Politically, the move appears to have worked in Abbott’s favor, along with others who argue for securing the border. It has placed Democrats in the awkward position of having to pretend to care about illegal aliens and migrants, while complaining about having to deal with them in their neighborhoods. Indeed, the situation in Martha’s Vineyard revealed that progressives’ xenophobia is showing. Of course, the glaring question is: How long will it take for these Democrats to become fed up enough to start holding the Biden administration accountable?


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