No Seriously, They Really Are Trying to Trans Your Kids

AP Photo/Armando Franca

In the latest episode of “Progressives Are Lying Liars When They Say They Aren’t Trying to Trans Your Kids,” we have a Pride festival in Wisconsin that engaged in the exact behavior that the left claims is not happening across the country. Participants in the event reportedly offered free “letters of readiness” to minor children who believe they are transgender to make it easier for them to undergo controversial and dangerous “gender-affirming” medical or surgical procedures.

This is yet another example demonstrating how far leftists are encouraging children – especially young girls – to embrace transgenderism and supposedly transition to the opposite sex. It is only a mirror of what is occurring in K-12 schools nationwide.

The Post Millennial reported:

A family captured a snapshot of the booth set up by Integrated Counseling, LLC at the Annual Magic Pride Festival put on by the OutReach LGBTQ Community Center on Sunday in Madison, Wisconsin. The family permitted Chris Elston, known by most as “Billboard Chris,” to share it with his followers on Monday.

Elston noted that “Letters of Readiness for Surgery” were available at the festival, which was held in Madison, Wisconsin, “for those identifying as trans or non-binary.”

Integrated Counseling seeks to “provide a space for the LGBTQ+ community throughout Wisconsin to find room to pause, to be, and to heal,” according to its defunct website.

The OutReach LGBTQ Community Center is a group that promotes transgenderism among children. It collects chest binders to give to females who believe they are males to conceal their breasts.

Distributing these letters of readiness for surgery is another pernicious way to push kids closer to accepting a transgender identity that they do not actually have. From the Post Millennial:

The letters of readiness provided by this booth would allow patients to bypass safeguarding measures put forth by hospitals and insurance companies. Mental health professionals who recommend surgery share the ethical and legal responsibility for that decision with the surgeon.

Most insurance companies require that the psychotherapist writing the letter of readiness must have treated the patient for a minimum of 12 months. Trans activists with healthcare backgrounds view these safeguarding measures as “unethical gatekeeping” and have taken it upon themselves to write letters recommending individuals for hormones and surgeries without developing an ongoing relationship with the patient.

There are plenty of examples of children and their parents being persuaded to look at medical and surgical procedures designed to supposedly help them transition to the opposite sex. In a piece for the Christian Post, reporter Brandon Schowalter noted that the efforts on the part of doctors and the mother of a trans-identifying child to push the government to shut down “gender-affirming” medical procedures “led them to discover that government-funded research now allows wrong sex hormones such as testosterone to be given to girls as young as 8.”

Yes, that’s right. Eight-years-old.

A California-based endocrinologist commented at a Heritage Foundation event that while children this young are getting injections, there are no genetic or blood tests finding a “gender identity,” a concept progressives describe as an internal sense of their own gender. He explained that “there is no objective test to diagnose this, yet we are giving very harmful therapies on the basis of no objective diagnosis.”

Schowalter also provides a comprehensive list illustrating examples of young children being subjected to medical and surgical treatments that are often harmful – and irreversible.

At this point, there are mounds and mounds of evidence demonstrating that there is clearly a national effort to get children to embrace a transgender lifestyle. There are several reasons, but from what I’ve seen, the two primary motivations are financial and ideological. These folks are getting away with this because most people still do not know – or believe – that it is happening. But this is changing. Hopefully, the gruesome nature of these procedures will wake up enough people who are willing to take action. Otherwise, America will see tens of thousands of more children falling victim to these brutal practices.


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