Dan Rather Makes a Donkey’s Derriere out of Himself After Harwood Firing

Washed-up media activist Dan Rather has once again revealed why nobody takes him seriously. Shortly after CNN canned former media activist John Harwood after he posted a tweet lauding President Joe Biden’s speech on Thursday, Rather expressed confusion at the move, wondering what was becoming of the news outlet.


Rather tweeted:

What is going on at CNN? It’s a serious question. There is a lot of speculation on directives and motives. What’s really going on? And is it being noticed by the audience?

The King of Fake News is not the only one whining about CNN’s attempt to be less of a propaganda mill shilling for Democrats. Author and TDS sufferer Malcolm Nance tweeted:

Treat #CNN like #Tesla. Let’s hit them right in the MF’ing wallet. Punish their shareholders for choosing a CEO who was brought in to betray America for Trump. #BoycottCNN

Writer Parker Molloy took issue with CNN media activist Brianna Keilar for criticizing Biden’s use of two Marines as props during his Sith Lord speech. She tweeted:


I think this is a PERFECT screenshot, and it shows EXACTLY what’s wrong with the press right now:

@brikeilarcnn was one of the loudest voices CREATING this criticism, and now she’s REPORTING that “Biden faces criticism over Marines in backdrop of speech.”

YOU did that.

These folks are only the latest in the overall effort to boycott CNN, which has been going on for about a month now. Lefties managed to get #BoycottCNN trending on Twitter and are desperately trying to get people to stop watching the network. So far, it is not yet clear whether their efforts are working.

But, as much as I hate to say it, if CNN is enraging folks like Dan Rather and his ilk, they might be doing something right. These extreme progressives are the type who cannot countenance any unkind word uttered against their dear leader, and the network has employed these types of people for years. Now that its leadership, under new CEO Chris Licht, is culling the herd, it appears these folks are getting worried.


But this is not to say that CNN will ever be fully centrist; even before it was transformed into an activist media outlet, it was left-leaning. But even this is far preferable to the constant “Orange Man Bad” programming that defined the network ever since former President Donald Trump came onto the political stage. It also resulted in plummeting ratings for CNN. Perhaps now, they are finally realizing that people want to be informed, not propagandized.


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