‘Woke’ Progressivism Can’t Sustain Itself

There is no doubt that progressivism is a threat to the American way of life and a cancer in our society. At times, it appears its influence is unbeatable. But it is important for those opposing the Marxist influence we are seeing in our society to also realize that the ideology has several weaknesses that show it may not be the Leviathan we believe it to be. In fact, the current iteration of progressive wokeism might just defeat itself before it can gain its full stride.

The problem with being a part of woke culture is that you run into an unavoidable issue: One can never be woke enough. As long as this is the case, progressives will continue to eat themselves and target one another for cancelation. Let me give you an example.

Libs of TikTok published a piece on her Substack page detailing a story about a lesbian bar in Portland, Oregon, that was intended to increase inclusivity in the city. However, the business has been forced to shut down because it failed to adequately provide a “safe space” for marginalized groups. The bar, named “Doc Marie’s,” was yet another victim of its own ideology. “The crowd on opening day was huge. One woman said that the line for entry on opening night was ‘wrapped around the block’ with ‘literally 200 lesbians’ waiting to get in,” according to Libs of TikTok.

The report continued:

But the excitement about a new progressive hangout dissipated quickly. Within days, Doc Marie’s found itself on the receiving end of accusations of not being inclusive enough for trans people and people of color. Despite mask mandates being lifted in Portland, patrons accused the bar of not implementing enough COVID safety measures. Patrons also claimed that Doc Marie’s had “culturally appropriative art” on the walls.

It didn’t stop there. The bar’s employees created an Instagram account in which they parroted these complaints. From Libs of TikTok:

They claimed that the owners weren’t proactive enough in creating a safe space and accused the owners of racism. The employees also demanded that the bar host “free opportunities for education” for the community.

The group of employees called themselves the “Marie Equi Worker’s Collective” and ended up demanding that the owners of the bar give up their ownership and give it to them. Only five days after opening, the owners announced on July 6 that they would be temporarily closing the establishment to figure out how to address the concerns of their customers and employees. As of this writing, Doc Marie’s has not yet reopened, nor have they indicated when they might plan to continue.

This is not the only such story. RedState’s Brad Slager reported on a similar situation that happened with a coffee shop in Philadelphia. Mina’s World was established in 2020 and even received plaudits from Bon Appetit Magazine. The business was intended to provide a safe space for people of color and members of the LGBTQ community. But unfortunately, it wasn’t woke enough. Slager wrote:

Flash forward to 2022 and that notoriety led to a long-brewing tension between the owners and the employees. Charges that the business was engaged in a series of social inequities arose, and the staffers began making demands and ultimately calling for the place to become a collective. The owners, partners in life, proudly opened what they called the first QTPOC-owned coffee shop in Philadelphia. Today that employee revolt and effort to collectivize and take over the business has led to Mina’s World closing down.

The coffee shop just could not stand up under the constant accusations of “anti-blackness,” “systemic worker oppression,” and “ableism.”

But realistically, who could?

I have often described wokeism as a religion with no mechanism for redemption. It differs from the world’s major religions in that it does not deal with trifling matters like “forgiveness” and “grace.” When you sin, you’re done. Unless, of course, you happen to have enough money to buy your absolution – and even then, it is not guaranteed.

What wokeists haven’t yet realized is that they have created a system under which nobody can truly thrive. Nobody can ever be woke enough. There will always be room for accusations of bigotry and inequity because this is how these people gain and maintain power. In Christianity, we realize “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,” so we understand why we need God’s grace. But this concept is absent in the wokeism religion, which is why it cannot possibly sustain itself long-term.

These people will continue targeting one another in a way that prevents them from actually achieving their ultimate objectives. They are hampered by their own self-righteousness and eagerness to fight those they believe to be insufficiently woke. Moreover, there could just come a time when everyone gets sick and tired of these insufferable crybullies and refuses to take them seriously. Either way, we should not assume these people are invulnerable – the movement has serious weaknesses that can be exploited. We would be wise to remember this.


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