The Activist Media Does Not Care About Black People

AP Photo/Paul Beaty

America has seen three major mass shootings over the past two months that received ongoing national coverage. The assaults that took place in Buffalo; New York; Uvalde, Texas; and Highland Park, Illinois, were tragedies that shook the nation. Members of the press are still providing ongoing coverage to get to the bottom of the police officers’ handling of the school shooting in Texas. But what constantly gets ignored is the tragic fact that shootings are commonplace in certain areas of the country that get little to no attention. The question is: Why?

Most of us have pointed out how the press all but completely ignores violence happening in the inner city. A rare CNN report notes that during the weekend of July 4, eight people were killed and 68 injured in Chicago from shootings. The number of injuries surpasses that of Highland Park, yet you probably didn’t hear about it on your preferred cable news outlet. People are suffering every day because of gun violence, and the only solution Democrats have is to disarm law-abiding citizens.

Fortunately, there are people on the ground working to turn things around. Chicago pastor TJ Grooms is one of many working to develop and implement solutions. He has been taking politicians to task for failing to address the issue. “As the city is on pace for more than 600 murders in 2022, Grooms said he no longer expects any help from politicians,” according to Fox News.

“We have become desensitized to exactly what’s going on in our area because it’s almost expected,” Grooms said. “And that’s one of the reasons why I believe that we just don’t see the level of support that well.”

The pastor told Fox News that one of the reasons why politicians do not concern themselves with the plight of black Americans living in these communities is because it is not politically expedient.

Another issue is the fact that violence in inner cities has become so common, people assume it is already baked into the cake. Like Angela Gregg, who lost her four-year-old son when he was struck by a stray bullet last year. CNN reported:

But she was not surprised by the attention and support Highland Park received because it’s a predominantly White Chicago suburb, she says. Gun violence is so normalized in Chicago’s South and West sides, that it doesn’t receive the same concern, she says.

“I thought there would be more outcry for a 4-year-old whose life was taken away, and I just didn’t see that,” Gregg says. “We see it all the time, the difference in how Black and Brown children are treated.”

She told CNN that she and others living in her community would like to see the same level of compassion and a desire to solve the problem as is given to communities like Highland Park.

Politicians ignoring gun violence in these communities is repugnant but understandable – they are always looking for votes, and these cities are not as politically active. But what about the media? Members of the press are not trying to win office, right?

Sadly, the reason why the media tends to ignore gun violence in major cities is more political than they would care to admit. For starters, highlighting the egregious numbers of gun shooting victims is bad for the party they tend to support: The Democrats. Black Americans make up the vast majority of the people who are affected by violent criminals. They also happen to be the people Democrats exploit the most to further their political agenda.

Leftists have run these cities for decades without effecting any real or lasting change when it comes to education, economics, crime, and other important issues–and even Mr. Magoo can see that it is because they do not care about the people living under their governance. Still, Democrats need black votes and the activist media fully understands this. This is why they are loath to report on any issue that would cast their preferred party in a negative light.

Secondly, the activist media, along with their comrades in the Democratic Party don’t care whether these problems are solved. Indeed, if you are as cynical as I, you can see they prefer for these conditions to continue to exist. As conservative commentator Sonnie Johnson says, “If Democrats want to be the party of the poor, they have to keep you poor.”

As awful as it sounds, ensuring that far too many black folks remain in substandard living conditions benefits the left, as long as they can blame it on systemic racism perpetrated by those evil white conservatives in the Republican Party. If African Americans manage to overcome the obstacles Democrats have deliberately placed in front of them, who else will Democrats exploit to this degree of efficacy – transgenders? Good luck with that, progressives.

Lastly, gun violence in the inner city works against progressives’ gun control agenda. Democrats constantly rail about the evils of gun violence and how their magic gun control legislation will eliminate the problem. But they typically fail to mention that the vast majority of gun crimes – especially in black and brown neighborhoods – are committed by criminals who obtained their guns illegally. This means passing laws designed to prevent regular citizens from obtaining firearms doesn’t curtail violence. If the activist media delved into this issue, they would be forced to confront this reality, which would not play well with the anti-gun agenda.

We cannot expect to see major news outlets paying much attention to these issues as long as it does not benefit them politically. This is particularly sad because the establishment media still has tremendous power to shine the light on the issues facing people living in these neighborhoods – these folks could use their platforms to bring about real change. Unfortunately, real change does not necessarily mean more political power for the left, which means Americans will have to find a different way to shine more light on the situation.


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