The Highland Park Shooter Obtained His Gun Legally - Here’s How the Anti-Gunners Will Respond

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America has seen yet another mass shooting, this time in Highland Park, Illinois. This atrocity seems even more pronounced since it occurred on Independence Day, only weeks after other mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas. Along with useless efforts to determine the political affiliation of the gunman, conversations are also focused on guns. Additional details have emerged in the case that will give some insight into how the progressive anti-gunner crowd will seek to exploit this tragedy.


As is typical, it did not take leftists long to start pushing for more gun restrictions even though Congress recently passed a slew of anti-gun measures in the wake of the Uvalde school shooting. Failed Democratic congressional candidate Nina Turner went on a tear on Twitter, calling for a ban on “assault weapons” and claiming the law passed weeks ago was not sufficient. She tweeted:

Killed in today’s mass shooting in Highland Park was a teacher at a Jewish school & another was a Mexican national—both celebrating this country, both killed in a uniquely American way.

Our legislators must step up, the bipartisan bill wasn’t enough.

Assault weapons ban.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) took a quick break from the Democratic House Select Jan. 6 witch hunt Committee to chime in:

It’s heartbreaking to spend the Fourth of July mourning yet another American tragedy:

A deadly mass shooting, this time in Highland Park.

Weapons of war have no place on our streets. None.

It’s long past time to ban assault rifles — before tragedy strikes again.


U.S. Jewish Democrats also called for a ban on supposed “assault weapons,” asking followers to push Congress to reinstitute the ban:

The assailant in Highland Park used a high-powered rifle to take the lives of six people and injure dozens more.

These weapons have no place in the hands of civilians. Join us today in demanding that Congress reauthorize the assault weapons ban.

During an appearance on NBC’s “Today Show,” Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering shed some more light on the incident, noting that the rifle used to attack participants in the Fourth of July parade was “legally obtained.” She said: “This tragedy never should have arrived on our doorsteps and as a small town, everybody knows somebody that was affected by this directly.”


Rotering also revealed the fact that she had been the alleged shooter’s cub scout leader when he was a child.

“It’s one of those things where you step back, and you say ‘What happened?'” she said. “How did somebody become this angry, this hateful to then take it out on innocent people?”

The mayor said she did not know where the rifle came from, but that the gunman had purchased it legally. Then, she used the argument that we can expect to see ad nauseam over the next few weeks.

“I think at some point the nation needs to have a conversation about these weekly events involving the murder of dozens of people with legally-obtained guns,” Rotering insisted. “If that is what our laws stand for, then I think we need to re-examine the laws.”

This is the crux of the matter. The alleged shooter is 22 years old, which means he is legally old enough to carry both rifles and handguns in Illinois. Furthermore, the state has already enacted red flag laws that were impotent when it came to stopping him from carrying out this act. Even further, the city already has a prohibition on “assault weapons,” which none of the anti-gunners speaking out in the wake of this tragedy has bothered to define.

Now, the anti-gunner folks are going to take these details and claim that since these measures did not work, America should enact even more onerous gun restrictions to make it harder for law-abiding folks to obtain firearms. Their solution to every problem is always more government involvement, isn’t it? The same is true here.


They are already claiming the bipartisan legislation passed a few weeks ago did not go far enough, and they are using this incident as proof that the nation needs to make it even more difficult for responsible folks to own and carry guns. Now that the Supreme Court has destroyed New York’s ridiculous gun licensing scheme and done away with “may issue” states, the anti-gun lobby is becoming even more aggressive in their bid to curtail gun ownership. The question is: Will America fall for it?


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