Here’s What My Crystal Ball Shows About Democrats’ Future Anti-Gunner Plans

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

As most people know, if Ms. Cleo were a black conservative male political commentator without a Jamaican accent, she would be me. So, I have decided to read the political tea leaves and dust off my crystal ball to bring you another brilliant prediction – one that nobody could ever see coming in a million years. This one is related to the current gun control measure being negotiated in the Senate between Democrats and squishy Republican types in the aftermath of two tragic mass shootings.

You might already know that about 10 to 12 Republican senators have indicated they might be willing to support gun control measures that include red flag laws, expanded background checks, and other restrictions. While Democrats understand they won’t be able to get GOP backing on the more extreme versions of their anti-gun agenda, it appears they are working to craft policy that might get them to the 60-vote threshold needed to pass a bill.

Sens. Chris Murphy (D-CT) and John Cornyn (R-TX) are leading the negotiations for their respective sides and appear to have ironed out some preliminary provisions to include in the legislative proposal, which has yet to be drafted. These include funding to help states impose red flag laws, deeper background checks that would include looking into offenses committed as a juvenile, more funding for mental health services, and others that are ostensibly intended to address gun violence in America. Of course, none of these provisions are aimed at reducing the proliferation of illegally-obtained firearms, which account for the majority of gun crimes, but that would require lawmakers to actually take the issue seriously, wouldn’t it?

Anyone familiar with guns and the overall conversation about firearms knows that none of these measures will do much to save lives. It has been shown time and time again that targeting law-abiding gun owners rather than criminals using illegal guns has been a failing strategy. We also know that guns are used to defend oneself or another person far more than they are used to commit homicide or suicide.

Nevertheless, Democrats persist in trying to limit gun ownership for responsible Americans. Indeed, it has become clear their aim is not to reduce gun violence but to make it harder for regular folks to arm themselves.

So, let’s say Republicans and Democrats pass legislation that would include all the provisions Sen. Murphy recently outlined in a Twitter thread. Later this year, or perhaps even next year, America will likely see yet another mass shooting. It could possibly take place at another elementary or high school since Democrats refuse to entertain any measures that would provide metal detectors, armed security guards, and other tactics that are currently used to protect our politicians and government officials. What will happen then?

In this scenario, America would once again see that additional gun control measures do not stop mass shootings. We would be provided with yet another tragic example of the failure of federal restrictions on firearms. People will cry out for answers. They will push the government to finally do something to protect our young ones.

And Democrats will answer that call by suggesting even more restrictions. See, the problem isn’t that the measure they passed didn’t work, the issue is that it did not go far enough. This is why we need even more gun laws. They will push more restrictive legislation that could mirror the anti-gun agenda President Joe Biden has been promoting since taking office.

Democrats in Congress might not be able to get anything passed if Republicans hold one or more chambers of the legislature, but you best believe they will be trying by hook and by crook to cajole, coerce, and convince GOP lawmakers to acquiesce to their demands. Members of the activist media will join in on the fray, demonizing those resisting these arguments. The anti-gun left will accuse them of wanting to see more dead children.

This is precisely what is going to happen.

Remember, left-leaning members of the chattering and political classes want a disarmed populace. It is their end goal. Yes, there are some who don’t want to confiscate all guns. But we cannot afford to make the mistake of assuming there are not people who want us to resemble Canada and the U.K. Indeed, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s banning of handguns is the stuff of an American progressive’s wet dream.

The only way to prevent the anti-gun left from achieving their objective is to pressure GOP lawmakers to not only push back against their efforts, but to also introduce and implement authentic solutions to the gun violence problem. Instead of letting Democrats shout about banning AR-15s when a school shooting occurs, pass real legislation that would transform schools from soft targets to buildings that would discourage would-be mass shooters. Republicans have to develop and carry out a plan that would make it harder for bad actors to obtain and use illegally-owned firearms. Otherwise, the anti-gun crowd will eventually wear enough of us down to allow them to impose their destructive policies on the entire law-abiding population.


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