Gavin Newsom Parrots Braindead ‘Red State Murder Rate’ Argument

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This is another situation in which I can’t figure out if Democrats are stupid, or if they just think those listening to them are stupid. Perhaps the answer, in this case, is “both?”


California Gov. Gavin Newsom just repeated what has to be one of the absolute dumbest arguments about crime rates that progressives have used to excuse the fact that their politicians have been woefully inept at dealing with criminality in their cities. During an appearance on “The Issue Is” podcast, Newsom told host Elex Michaelson that the press had overplayed the significance of San Francisco’s decision to oust woke District Attorney Chesa Boudin. The city’s voters voted to recall Boudin as a result of his soft-on-crime policies that protected criminals more than law-abiding civilians and make people less safe.

Newsom contended that while Democrats might bear some responsibility for the uptick in crime in San Francisco, the real culprit for the increase in national crime rates is red states. He said:

There are cities all across the country with those same issues. What’s interesting is how focused we are on a number of California cities. I mean, there was just an analysis of the 65 cities with the highest murder rates. California had two cities. L.A. and San Francisco weren’t even on the list. And two-thirds of the cities were in Republican states. I mean, you look at the murder rates in the United States of America — this is not to abdicate any of our responsibility here in California — we own it, and we have to take responsibility for doing more, better, but what’s going on with the red state murder problem in America? Eight of the top states with the fastest-growing murder rates in America are Republican states — really nine, when you consider one of those two, happens to be Georgia. That’s a fact. You look at places like Bakersfield, California. Kern County is the murder capital of California. Kern County. Republican sheriff, Republican D.A., Republican mayors, Kevin McCarthy’s backyard. But that’s not what you’re seeing on the nightly news.


The governor was referencing a CBS News report published in February which listed the cities with the highest murder rates. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has also referred to the report in a tweet in which she made the same absurd argument. She wrote:

According to CBS News out of the Top 10 deadliest cities in America, 7 of them are in Republican-run states.

Amanda Marcotte, a media activist who writes for Salon also chimed in recently, making the same contention:

Journalists justify the misleading “tough on crime” frame by claiming they’re just reporting on what voters believe. But voters don’t know violent crime is worse in red states because the media doesn’t tell them!

If we were to listen to Newsom and his ilk, we might be led to believe the press is treating Democrats unfairly for their inability – or unwillingness – to address criminality in their cities. After all, aren’t Republicans really to blame when all this illegal activity is happening in their states?


This is the type of silly argument that only works on those who do not understand how government works in these here United States of America. These folks are banking on the possibility that people won’t be able to discern the difference between governance at the state level and the local level.

The government that is closest to the people is far more responsible for what happens in communities than those who are more removed. To put it simply, your mayor has more of an influence on what happens in your city than your state’s governor or the president of the United States. If crime is running rampant in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, and others, it is the fault of the mayor, city council, and other government officials. These are the people who are directly responsible for safeguarding residents of these cities.

Gov. Newsom is no more responsible for crime in Los Angeles and San Francisco than Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is responsible for crime in Dallas and Houston. Sure, state government can support local law enforcement in some instances – but they are not tasked with policing at the city level nor are they in any way in charge of local law enforcement. The crux of the matter is not that these increased crime rates are occurring in red states, it is that they are occurring in blue cities, which folks like Newsom and AOC already know.


Nevertheless, they will continue to lie about it to appeal to the gullible among us. But in reality, they are not fooling anyone other than those who already want to believe what they are being fed. People know Democrats are the ones responsible for skyrocketing crime rates, and it is they who will pay for it at the ballot box in November.


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