Will Supreme Court Ruling on Roe v. Wade Prompt More Political Violence?

AP Photo/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

The abortion debate is getting rather heated, isn’t it? Even though the activist media is doing its best to downplay the increased aggressive behavior coming from the pro-abortion crowd, it is evident that at least some of these left-wing radicals are willing to go further than rhetorical arguments to push back against the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Pro-abortion activists have been quite busy ever since the Supreme Court’s draft opinion was leaked. Leftists published the addresses of the five Supreme Court justices who support overturning Roe v. Wade and have been staging demonstrations at their homes. So far, these protests have been peaceful. But elsewhere, this isn’t quite the case. Progressives hoping to protect abortion have engaged in some rather violent and questionable behavior against pro-life organizations.

Fox News reported:

Vandals targeted at least five pro-life, crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) in the country within a week after a leaked draft opinion signaled the Supreme Court is poised to strike down Roe v. Wade.

The draft opinion, which was published May 2 by Politico, has sparked a wave of pro-choice protests at the Supreme Court, the justices’ private residences, Catholic churches, and pro-life organizations across the country.

The most recent attack occurred in northern Virginia when vandals tagged a building that housed a Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC). They wrote “fake clinic,” “liars,” and “abortion is a right,” on the structure. The local police department indicated it was investigating the incident, which targeted First Care Women’s Health in Manassas.

Last weekend, a woman vandalized Loreto House, another CPC in Denton, Texas. Video footage captured her spray-painting “not a clinic” and “forced birth is murder” on the outside of the building. Despite her actions, Randy Bollig, executive director of the organization, told FOX 4 that they forgive her.

“We’re there to love her and help her. We’re not there to shame,” he said. “We’re not there to preach to her. We have a rule that we do not show any type of graphic images.”

In Portland, Oregon, pro-abortion vandals targeted the Southeast Portland Pregnancy Resource Center.

“Our initial investigation indicates a group of suspects showed up at a pregnancy/medical office in the 5100 block of SE Powell Blvd Thursday morning at about 12:48a.m,” police told Fox News Digital. “They scrawled some graffiti on the wall and broke out numerous windows. If anyone has information about the suspects, they’re asked to contact us at [email protected] and reference case number 22-118884.”

Last Tuesday, pro-abortionists showed up in front of Trotter House in Austin, Texas to protest. They tore down the group’s banner during the demonstration. Video footage posted on Twitter showed protesters chanting slogans with the banner on the ground.

On the same day, vandals gave Care Net Pregnancy Center in Maryland the same treatment. They spray-painted graffiti on the building that said “not real clinic,” “end forced motherhood,” and “go to PP instead,” a reference to Planned Parenthood.

Linda King, who heads the organization, told commentator Tim Pool that they did not shut down. “We continued our services. But it was pretty, you know, it’s unnerving to see that kind of vandalism, those kinds of statements. And we are a clinic, a real clinic. So to have the lie posted on our door was, you know, it’s disturbing,” she said.

There was also an instance in Wisconsin in which a pro-abortion arsonist hurled a Molotov cocktail into a building belonging to Wisconsin Family Action, a pro-life advocacy group. The activist media largely ignored the incident, but it is a disturbing occurrence nonetheless. How much longer will it be before some of these pro-abortion zealots decide to up the ante? What happens when they carry out acts of violence against flesh-and-blood human beings?

We already know what would happen.

The activist media would downplay or ignore the carnage. When that doesn’t work, they will attempt to blame it on conservatives for supporting the end of Roe v. Wade. They will insist that America should continue supporting federal abortion laws. Most of these people will refuse to condemn the attacks, which might be seen as an implicit endorsement. Let’s hope it does not escalate to that point. It won’t be pretty if it does.



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