Can a Bipartisan Effort Force Biden to Take Migrant Crisis Seriously?

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

Let’s face it: President Joe Biden and his team of open borders cronies aren’t going to do much of anything to tamp down on the flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S. After causing the problem shortly after taking office, this administration has demonstrated over and over again that they are unwilling to take any real action to curb the surges of migrants at the southern border.

Now that the administration has made the foolhardy decision to rescind Title 42, which allowed the authorities to turn away people who travel to the southern border from countries that have had serious issues with COVID-19, it is certain that we will see more caravans coming from Central America. Even Democrats have criticized the White House for going through with such a move without developing a viable plan to deal with the uptick in migrant activity that is sure to follow.

Most recently, Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) slammed the administration for planning to notify nonprofit organizations of the coming migrant surges during an appearance on CNN. The lawmaker said this is “not a plan” but “just a notification.”

When asked what answer he receives when asking the White House for a plan, Cuellar replied:

“They said we’re going to notify the non-for-profits that more people are coming. That’s not a plan. That’s just a notification. They said we’re going to bring some of the agents from the northern border over here. That’s only temporary.”

But what these folks are not realizing is that this is Biden’s plan. He and his ilk want more of these folks to enter the country legally or illegally. It is why he reversed former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies and brought back “Catch and Release.”

Some Republicans have called for action against the administration when they take back Congress. In an appearance on “Fox and Friends Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) insisted that the GOP should ensure that none of President Biden’s “must-pass” legislation should be passed until he implements measures to secure the southern border. He said:

“There are three things that we can do: We have to use the must-pass legislation that they’re going to — that President Biden wants and we need to make sure none of that passes unless there [are] curative measures on the border. Second thing, you have to have investigative committees, bring people in who are making bad decisions and hold them up to spectacle for the whole country to see how bad it is and — which will compel them, in some instances, to make changes to their policy. And third thing is, you actually have to hold people accountable with other mechanisms. I mean, quite frankly, that’s why I’ve introduced resolutions to impeach Secretary Mayorkas. Because what he has done is allowed literally millions of people into this country illegally and our border is absolutely not secure. It’s dangerous.”

This sounds like a strategy that could have a level of efficacy, depending on how the upcoming congressional elections shake out. It is possible the Republicans might need help from a few Democrats to compel Biden to take real action against the migrant crisis. While many Democrats want precisely the same open borders approach that Biden favors, there might be a few who are willing to seek the best interests of their constituents. Even further, others recognize that the president’s handling of the migrant crisis is harming Democrats politically and might not want to deal with the fallout.

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be much Republicans can do about the situation at the border, because the White House is not interested in solving the problem. Indeed, this administration has allowed an alarming number of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants to remain in the country. A report published last week showed that the White House released over 700,000 migrants into the interior of the country. Biden’s plan is abundantly clear. Hopefully, this could be a way to force his hand – but it is admittedly a long shot. Unless Republicans and sensible Democrats can come up with another solution, the situation at the border will remain dire until we have a change in management in the executive branch.



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