The Biden Administration Is More Concerned With Politics Than Protecting People From COVID-19

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

President Joe Biden’s approach to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed what many already know about the Democrats: They are far more concerned with playing politics than actually saving lives. Over the past year, the left has pushed aggressively to persuade as many Americans as possible to get vaccinated.

While most of the country has taken the jab, there is a significant number of those who have refused due to health and other concerns. The White House has continually fallen short of its vaccination goals, and COVID deaths in 2021 have exceeded that of 2020. Most of those succumbing to the illness had not gotten vaxxed, a fact the left has repeatedly hammered home in order to scare more people into getting the injection.

However, one element the left has all but completely ignored is the existence of other ways to treat COVID-19 in those who are infected: Monoclonal antibody treatment, which has proven effective when it comes to treating those affected by the virus. Combat Covid, a government-run website, describes the benefits of this treatment:

Your body naturally makes antibodies to fight infection. However, your body may not have antibodies designed to recognize a novel (or new) virus like SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Monoclonal antibodies, or mAbs, are made in a laboratory to fight a particular infection (in this case, SARS-CoV-2) and are given to you directly in an infusion. So the mAb treatment may help if you are at high risk for serious symptoms or a hospital stay.

A mAb treatment for COVID-19 is different from a COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine triggers your body’s natural immune response, but this can take weeks to develop enough antibodies against a virus. So if you have the virus, the mAb treatment gives your body the antibodies it needs to protect itself. The mAb treatment does not replace the need for the immunity from the vaccine but it can help you if you are at risk for developing serious COVID-19.

So, wouldn’t common sense suggest this might be a viable alternative for those worried about taking the COVID-19 vaccine? Not to the left, especially when it comes to actually allowing these individuals to choose this treatment.

The Biden administration recently paused shipments of Regeneron and Eli Lilly antibody treatments to states demanding them. Currently, the White House is ignoring states requesting more monoclonal antibody treatments.

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo penned a letter to the administration on Tuesday, criticizing it for “actively preventing” the distribution of the treatments. He pointed out they could be used to save the lives of those infected by the virulent Delta variant.

He wrote:

The sudden suspension of multiple monoclonal antibody therapy treatments from distribution to Florida removes a health care provider’s ability to decide the best treatment options for their patients in their state.

The Department of Health and Human Services eventually responded to Ladapo indicating it would continue to distribute some antibody treatments but gave no further details as to which they would keep sending. In a statement released to Fox News, the department wrote, “[t]he federal government has and will continue to supply Florida with treatments that can help improve patient outcomes, reduce stress on healthcare facilities, and save lives.”

Breitbart News reported:

In Fredericksburg, Virginia, shortages for the treatment have lead to clinic closures, denying access for people trying to fight the virus.

Texas is also experiencing shortages across the state, noting that since only the sotrovimab treatment is provided supplies have run short.

Texas’ Health and Human Services Department issued a statement which read:

The federal government controls the distribution of monoclonal antibodies, and the regional infusion centers in Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, San Antonio and The Woodlands have exhausted their supply of sotrovimab, the monoclonal antibody effective against the COVID-19 Omicron variant, due to the national shortage from the federal government.

Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas, and New Jersey indicated they are also facing shortages of the treatment.

The question the activist media would be asking if they weren’t the Democrats’ ministry of propaganda, would be: How many people are dying because they do not have access to monoclonal antibody treatment? They would certainly wish to understand how this administration could deliberately deprive civilians of a treatment that could save their lives.

But the answer to this question is obvious: Both the Biden administration and the activist media wish only to push people to take the vaccine as the only form of treatment.

If Democrats truly wished to safeguard people from dying from COVID, they wouldn’t be so adamant about harping on only one solution. They would spend less time demonizing the unvaccinated to score cheap political points and more time on exploring ways to ensure the unwashed unvaccinated don’t lose their lives.

The bottom line is these people don’t care about saving lives. They care nothing for people dying unless they are vaccinated. Indeed, several high-profile progressives suggested not allowing the unvaccinated to get treatment for COVID if they are hospitalized. Others have cheered when a prominent person gets infected after saying they do not want to take the jab.

It’s about the vaxx, not the lives.

This is yet another reason why these people must be removed from power. Hopefully, their indifference towards those who have not complied will be yet another factor that costs them power in 2022 and 2024.


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