Here’s Why Biden’s Build Back Better Plan Is Polling Favorably

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Despite the fact that it would blow out government spending even worse than has already been done, the American public seems to have a rather favorable view of President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda. Indeed, a series of polls demonstrate that overall, American voters are supportive of at least some of the measures included in the proposal.

A Service Employees International Union (SEIU) study revealed that over 80 percent of respondents indicated they support the home care provision in the budget, which is “roughly 15 points higher than the level of support for the overall plan.”

Navigator Research released the results of a September study which found that 66 percent of Americans support the overall Build Back Better Act.

Another survey conducted in September by Invest In America and Data for Progress found that 62 percent supported Biden’s plan, while 64 percent favored the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

These findings represent positive news for the Democrats, who are in dire need of a legislative victory due to the glaring incompetence of their president and their inability to ram his agenda through Congress — despite controlling both chambers. However, there might be more to this particular story.

Another poll may shed some light on why most Americans seem to favor Biden’s government-expanding agenda. A CBS News/YouGov survey conducted earlier this month revealed that the vast majority of Americans have no idea what is in the president’s plan.

That’s right. Most people don’t even know what “Build Back Better” entails.

Only 10 percent of respondents indicated they had “a lot of the specifics” of the proposal. About 33 percent said they had “a general sense” and “some specifics.” Another 28 percent said they had “a general sense” but “not any specifics.” Almost one-third (29 percent) said they “don’t know what’s in it.”

The reality is that most of the people who support the act are not aware of what would happen if it were passed. This is not surprising given that, as RedState’s Nick Arama pointed out, the bill is 2,465 pages long. It is unlikely that even the lawmakers touting the legislation even know what is in it.

Biden’s proposal would cost at least $3.5 trillion, but some have predicted this number would likely rise to $5.5 trillion. The president has claimed that the bill would cost zero dollars. However, that particular lie was so egregious that even the Washington Post’s fact-checkers have debunked it.

National Review noted that Democrats “are refusing to submit the program for a Congressional Budget Office score before voting on it.”

Of course, we all know why they’re refusing, right?

The legislation would allocate oodles of cash to completely useless endeavors like “tree equity” and funding for the president’s “Civilian Climate Corps.” This group is essentially a gaggle of hipsters that would be paid to work on climate-change projects.

The bill would also grant a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal aliens residing in the United States. Of course, you don’t need to read the bill to know that it does absolutely nothing in terms of beefing up border security and decreasing illegal immigration.

This is how the left plans to push Biden’s radical spending agenda to the public -– by keeping them ignorant of what it will do if passed. Activist media outlets are not mentioning the wasteful aspects of the plan or even discussing how it would add to the national debt.

Still, it is also worth noting that the Democrats’ chances of implementing the agenda do not seem favorable. With holdouts like Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin bucking their party on this massive spending proposal, the president’s plan seems doomed from the start unless Democrats make significant changes. No amount of pressure or harassment seems to be succeeding at getting the two senators to budge.

Moreover, the far-left progressive wing of the party is threatening to tank the bill, arguing that it does not go far enough. Members of “the Squad” intimated that they would not support a watered-down version of the bill. Reps. Ilhan Omar (MN), Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), and Katie Porter (D-CA) penned an op-ed for CNN in which they said they would not vote for the infrastructure bill until the Build Back Better Act is passed.

Between Republicans staunchly opposing the bill, Sinema and Manchin’s refusal to back down to the mob, and progressives playing hardball, Biden’s agenda will probably not see the light of day. If so, it appears America might have dodged a bullet.

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