Kyrsten Sinema Sets the 'Build Back Better' Agenda on Fire and Infuriates the Left

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema may be ignoring phone calls from the White House, but she’s also blowing things up on Capitol Hill, as well.

It’s well known that the Arizona senator does not support the $3.5 trillion “build back better” reconciliation bill, but where she and Joe Manchin, who is also holding the line from the moderate side, supposedly differed was on climate policy. Sinema was assumed to be more concerned about tax rates, while Manchin was against anything that would hurt the coal industry in his state of West Virginia.


But now, Sinema is making a move that hits right at the heart of the “green” agenda pushed by Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, among many others on the left.

This, per The New York Times.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, who began her political career with the Green Party and who has voiced alarm over the warming planet, wants to cut at least $100 billion from climate programs in major legislation pending on Capitol Hill, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Sinema is one of two centrist Democrats in the Senate whose votes are crucial to passing two bills that together would comprise President Biden’s legislative agenda: a $1 trillion infrastructure bill and a separate $3.5 trillion budget bill.

This represents the heaviest barrage yet in the Democrat civil war over reconciliation. Sanders talks a big game and Biden doesn’t know what day it is, but Sinema is out here blowing up the biggest priority for her party without a second thought. I’m pretty sure that makes her the most based politician in Washington right now.


Maybe Sinema’s Democrat colleagues, including Sanders and Biden, not coming out to forcefully defend her from being accosted by illegal immigrants in a bathroom wasn’t the smartest tactical move? But arrogance is a funny thing, and there’s no shortage of it among far-left political figures. That arrogance appears to have pushed Sinema further away.

But past the politics at play, what Sinema is doing here is also simply the right thing to do. The last thing this nation needs to use yet more finite taxpayer money on “green” energy boondoggles and carbon punishment schemes that stunt economic growth while making no real difference. We’ve got enough issues to worry about, and no amount of “action” in Washington regarding the United States is going to change the climate.

And even if you believe that man-made global warming is a major issue, practicalities and realities still matter. The US could cut its emissions to zero and still not make much of a dent. That’s not according to me. That’s per climate hysteric John Kerry.


If the social media response is any indication, Sinema’s move is infuriating the left. Again, climate change is a religious institution for these people. They truly believe they are the saviors of the world and just need your money to deliver redemption. You can expect some very hot takes on the Sunday shows tomorrow.



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