Can You Believe People Are Still Defending Biden?

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Despite the fact that even Stevie Wonder could see that President Joe Biden has made a complete and utter mess of the military withdrawal from Afghanistan, there are still folks on the left attempting to spin the matter like a pinwheel. While much of the media has been uncharacteristically critical of the Biden administration as this disaster has commenced, there are still some holdouts who think they can convince us that the president is doing a stellar job.


MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell on Wednesday claimed this was the “best-run evacuation from a war America lost” and that “Vietnam was much worse.”

Paul Waldman wrote a piece for the Washington Post in which he pretended the whole thing was the Republicans’ fault. He wrote:

Joe Biden is a Democratic president. Which means: 1. He has to clean up a Republican’s mess 2. He wants govt to do complex things 3. He gets held to standards no Republican has to meet.

Not to be outdone, PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor also fawned over the president for his withdrawal effort. In response to Biden’s first speech on the Afghanistan withdrawal, she said:

This is a 20-year war spanning multiple presidencies. And President Biden didn’t take this decision lightly. It’s why, in the speech, he said, ‘The buck stops with me.’ He’s not running away from the responsibility.

Of course, no list of examples of Democratic shilling would be complete without MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who performed the old “blame everything on Trump” routine. She said:

This is case closed for me. We are where we are in Afghanistan because of Trump’s surrender to the Taliban and his administration’s venal attitude toward Muslims and really all nonwhite immigrants.


She then argued that poor ol’ President Biden was put in an impossible situation:

The choices Biden faced this summer are twofold: Put in more troops in the futile hopes of turning an unsustainable situation into a sustainable one, or get out. Like it or not, he chose “get out.”

I’ll be blunt: There is no way all these people actually believe what they are saying.

It has been clear from the beginning that this situation has been an unmitigated disaster. Despite being informed by the intelligence community that the Taliban was going to rapidly take over the country as the U.S. drew down its military presence, Biden chose to proceed without first ensuring that American civilians and Afghan allies were transported to safety. As the terrorist group began taking over important cities, the White House did not even bother to take measures to slow or halt their progress.

Flights out of the country have gotten on track, but as many have pointed out, there is no way we can extricate everyone out of Afghanistan by the August 31 deadline. It also didn’t help when President Biden bent over after the Taliban refused to extend the deadline and threatened consequences if our troops were not out of the country yet.


Now that 13 soldiers were killed outside the airport in Kabul, it is going to be almost impossible to continue defending this administration’s handling of the withdrawal effort. Moreover, it is possible that after the deadline passes and people remain stranded in the country, the situation will get worse as the Taliban metes out brutal punishment for anyone who aided the U.S. military. At some point, you have to wonder who these people are trying to fool.


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