Biracial Physician Claims She Was Demoted for Not Being ‘Woke’ Enough

It appears the woke left is bringing their authoritarian impulses to the healthcare industry. Looks like they are not content with infesting the military and educational system with their far-left and now they are attempting to make sure that healthcare workers are falling in line with woke theology.


The Washington Examiner reported that “a Harvard-educated physician alleged she was demoted after her colleagues discovered her social media posts criticizing leftist movements and rhetoric.”

The report continued:

Dr. Tara Gustilo, who is a woman of color, claimed she was demoted from her role as chairwoman of the OB-GYN department for the Hennepin Healthcare system in Minneapolis because of social media posts she made criticizing the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter and critical race theory and is taking legal action against it.

In a video posted on Twitter, Gustilo said that she is “taking legal action against Hennepin Healthcare system due to my deep concern regarding the direction the institution is now taking and how it may affect the care given to our patients.”

The doctor pointed out that she has “one of the highest patient satisfaction ratings of all the doctors” in her clinic but that she was “recently demoted because of my personal beliefs.”

The issue began shortly after the murder of George Floyd and Gustilo began expressing opinions regarding race-neutral care and spoke out against racial essentialism on her Facebook page. The hospital was transitioning to “racially segregated care” according to the Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism (FAIR).


Her coworkers tried to convince her that she should agree with their views on race because she is a person of color. They argued that her opinions revealed her “internalized whiteness,” which is an asinine term made up by hard leftists who have trouble dealing with minorities that do not adhere to their chosen doctrine.

In the video, Gustilo explained that after these coworkers saw her social media posts, they decided that she “was no longer fit to be chair of the department.”

The Examiner reported:

Many of Gustilo’s colleagues responded to her personal opinions by accusing her of being racist, having a mental breakdown, and of being unfit to lead her team, she said, noting that her employer lied about her performance to justify her demotion since it knew it could not penalize her for merely having political opinions it didn’t like.

“They claim that I was late to meetings, have poor communication skills, and was generally unfit to serve as chair,” she said.

Gustilo also claimed that a human resources manager admitted that the demotion was retaliation for her political views. She has filed an EEOC discrimination complaint against the Hennepin Healthcare system.

If Gustilo’s allegations are true – and it is not beyond the realm of possibility that they are – it means that a company literally retaliated against one of its employees for voicing political opinions that are not aligned with woke theology. Moreover, the fact that she was told she is exhibiting “internalized whiteness” is the epitome of racism.


This is the exact type of scenario that the hard left wants playing out in organizations across the country. They wish to see this conduct being implemented in as many industries as possible. It is part and parcel of their effort to silence opinions with which they disagree. Indeed, if one knows they could be demoted, fired, or otherwise punished for not going along with the approved narrative, how much easier will it be for the woke Sanhedrin to suppress their voices?

Getting people to self-censor is the name of the game here. This is yet another form of cancel culture that is designed to ensure leftist supremacy over political discourse. They wish to convince the public that people who don’t subscribe to their Marxist ideology are not just “wrong,” but unfit to hold prominent positions. Of course, this could just be an isolated incident. But the occurrences over the past few years should show us that making that assumption could be a grievous mistake.


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