Kamala Harris’ Selection as Vice President Is Yet Another Indicator That Democrats Are the Party of Stupid

Last week, I speculated that the Democratic Party had become the party of the stupid. Previously, the Republican Party had the sole possession of this moniker given that the Democrats were still occupying the “party of the dangerous” label. In my article, I laid out three examples in which the left is stupidly pushing policies and ideas that are overwhelmingly unpopular with the American public.

But there was one burning example that I wanted to give, but did not have room for: The Democrats’ decision to push Kamala Harris for vice president. RedState’s Jennifer O’Connell wrote about a recent poll revealing what everyone already knows: Two-thirds of American voters are either “not very confident” or “not confident at all” that Harris is “ready to be president.”

In other news, water is wet and cats are annoying.

Stevie Wonder could see that Harris was a horrible choice for vice president. She simply does not have what it takes to be a politician at that level. Her prosecutorial record when she was California’s attorney general was abysmal, especially when it came to targeting black men. Tulsi Gabbard knocked Harris out of the Democratic primary races when she brought this up during a debate. Indeed, black Americans overwhelmingly favored President Joe Biden.

Some speculated that choosing her would appeal to the black community. But as I’ve argued before, Harris was chosen more to appeal to white progressives – especially women who want to feel like they are benefiting black Americans. In reality, she does poorly with black men, and slightly better with black women. Indeed, the fact that she just decided to start identifying as black after favoring her Asian heritage when she ran for Senate was not lost on many black voters.

Even worse, Harris is lacking in personality, which is kryptonite for anyone seeking to occupy the Oval Office. She came off as condescending and unrelatable during the campaign, especially with her famous 2Pac and marijuana flub. Laughing about smoking weed when you know you locked up thousands of black men for doing the same thing wasn’t exactly a good look. Speaking of that laugh – how could anyone think that someone who breaks into an awkward cackle when they are asked a tough question would be appealing to the American public?

But unfortunately, we all know the reason why she was selected – Biden wanted — or was pressured to — choose a black woman as his running mate. That was the only qualification, it seems.

Still, it was a rather odd choice when the Democrats had other black women to choose from. Rep. Val Demings (D-FL) would have been a much better and competent choice for the position. There were plenty of other examples that would have fit the bill as well.

To put it simply, it wasn’t difficult to see that Harris would be a disaster, and the past six months have proven it. She completely fouled up her role as “border czar,” taking only one trip overseas to supposedly deal with the “root causes” of the migrant crisis. It took her over three months to get anywhere close to the southern border. Immigration seems to be an issue that she refuses to take seriously.

But that’s not all. Current and former members of Harris’ staff have come forward to complain about the toxic work environment over which she presides. Employees state that they are treated badly and their concerns ignored when brought up to her team’s management. Ideas are typically shot down. Many have decided to leave for greener pastures.

Harris’ incompetent managerial style wasn’t new information. RedState’s Sister Toldjah wrote about a Business Insider story showing how the vice president had the same issues even when she was a senator. Sister Toldjah wrote:

The story also described some former staffers as having to seek therapy for what they said they went through working for her, while two people who went on the record to talk about their time working for Harris predictably trotted out the race and gender cards to downplay the reports, as though white, male lawmakers have never been on the receiving end of similar types of allegations.

Harris’ apparent ineptitude is seen as a serious issue because of the unique position she is in. She is serving under a president who will likely not finish out his first term. If and when he resigns, she will take his position behind the Resolute desk. If she can’t seem to effectively discharge her duties as vice president, how can she be expected to lead the most powerful government and military in the world? What would this mean for American citizens?

Even the activist media is unable to spin Harris’ foibles hard enough to fool the rest of the American public. The poll clearly demonstrates this. By choosing Harris to be Biden’s running mate, the Democrats may have backed themselves into a corner from which they might not be able to extricate themselves.


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