Conan O’Brien and Sean Penn Become the Latest Celebrities to Chime In on Cancel Culture

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At least two more celebrities have publicly come out against the Cancel Culture Community (CCC). Comedian Conan O’Brien and actor Sean Penn recently slammed the practice, condemning those who embrace it for lacking “empathy” and “forgiveness.”


On the latest episode of O’Brien’s podcast, both men pointed out the glaring problems with those who have taken to digging up old social media posts or comments and using them to destroy people’s careers. O’Brien stated that “empathy is a very important word and also forgiveness.” He continued:

This whole concept of cancel culture is… We found that someone did something in 1979 that is now not appropriate. They’re dead to us.

Penn chimed in, insisting that the entire trend is “ludicrous.”

O’Brien added:

People can also be forgiven. If they even need forgiving. What happened to that? It feels very Soviet, kind of, sometimes.

Penn brought up the story of Alexi McCammond, a 27-year-old black journalist who lost her position as Teen Vogue’s editor-in-chief earlier this year after anti-Asian tweets that she posted as a high school student emerged. What’s interesting about this particular story is that a white employee had also posted anti-Asian tweets and suffered no punishment. Racial bias much?

Matthew McConaughey, Ricky Gervais, Dave Chappelle, and a host of other actors and comedians have blasted cancel culture.

It seems likely that more and more famous Americans will publicly condemn cancel culture – especially the ones who are immune from the antics of the cancel culture community. However, it will only make a difference when a significant enough number of these individuals are willing to give the cancelers the middle finger and say what’s on their minds.


It is also worth noting that now that the CCC is targeting folks on the left, the nation could be seeing the beginning of the end for these cultural authoritarians. All that needs to happen is for enough people on both sides to become fed up and push back against the purveyors of what has become societal cancer. Indeed, a recent Harvard/Harris poll revealed that the majority of Americans oppose cancel culture, which means this could happen sooner rather than later.

If the trend continues, it is highly possible that the Cancel Culture Community will end up canceling themselves, which would be a form of poetic justice, wouldn’t it?



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