Cancel Culture Becomes Cannibal Culture: Teen Vogue Parts With Black Editor Over Past Tweets

Cancel Culture Becomes Cannibal Culture: Teen Vogue Parts With Black Editor Over Past Tweets

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, Teen Vogue — the ultra-liberal youth publication owned by Condé Nast — has begun to cannibalize itself over woke culture. On Thursday, the publication “parted ways” with one of their most lauded diversity hires in the new age of wokeness.

Alexi McCammond is a 27-year-old journalist and former Axios reporter who had recently been celebrated by the journalistic cocktail set after being hired as the Editor-in-Chief for Teen Vogue magazine. McCammond has many qualifications, but the announcement of her hiring seemed to focus on only two — her gender and her race.

So it was unfortunate when McCammond went from being hailed as a progressive icon in the fashion editorial industry to a problematic racist on just her first day on the job. Teen Vogue has become less of a fashion magazine and more of a social justice outlet with beauty tips and, as a result, the publication has exhibited a strong commitment to “woke culture” and the censorship of those they perceive as racist. Sadly, McCammond herself was caught in the web of wokeness and Teen Vogue was forced to turn against a Black woman even as they celebrate their own obsession with equality.

McCammond’s sin? She tweeted some dumb things when she was seventeen.

In now-deleted tweets, the young journalist joked about waking up with “Asian eyes” and used the word “homo”.

At seventeen.

McCammond released a statement Thursday explaining her decision to “depart” (but we all know it was not a mutual decision because what 27-year-old voluntarily walks away from a job as editor-in-chief at one of the largest publications in the world?).


So there we have it. In order to preserve its own “wokeness”, Teen Vogue had to go anti-woke to fire the woke black woman who shockingly wasn’t that woke when she was still a child.

Another one bites the dust.

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