What Will It Take for ‘Woke’ Leftists to Stop Hating America?

Another Independence Day has come and gone. But, as with past celebrations of America’s founding, there was a deluge of anti-American sentiment coming from the hard left. These individuals deemed it necessary to commemorate the Fourth of July by portraying America as a racist, sexist, and otherwise bigoted nation that has acted as an oppressor in the past and present.


The New York Times took a shot at the American flag, implying to its readers that the nation’s symbol has become divisive. In addition, left-wing members of Congress like Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) and Maxine Waters (D-CA) expressed their belief that black Americans are still not free. Bush tweeted:

When they say that the 4th of July is about American freedom, remember this: the freedom they’re referring to is for White people. This land is stolen land and Black people still aren’t free.

Author and podcaster Touré penned a piece for the Grio titled: “F**k Fourth of July: The only independence day I recognize is Juneteenth.” In the piece, he promoted the debunked narrative that the Revolutionary War was fought to preserve slavery.

Many other examples of hard-leftist hatred for America exist. Media watchdog site Newsbusters has compiled 20 of the worst statements coming from so-called progressives about America.

So what gives? Far-leftists have despised America for decades. Members of Congress who call themselves progressives decry the ills of American society like police brutality, poverty, and all kinds of injustice. Activists march and protest in the streets and on college campuses for equity. However, despite governing most of the areas in which the afflicted masses reside, they have done little to nothing to affect significant change.


In light of this reality, it is appropriate to ask: What exactly do these people want? What has to happen before the adherents of wokeism finally develop at least a modicum of respect and – dare I say it – love for the United States?

Leftists who rail against America are conspicuously quiet when it comes to laying out specific objectives. Take racism, for example; since racial bias can never truly be wholly extinguished, how much will it need to be decreased before these people acknowledge that the country is worthy of respect? Furthermore, if they care so much about racial disparities due to racism, why have they not pursued real solutions? Finally, why have they not encouraged productive conversations on these matters instead of just lazily accusing everyone with whom they disagree of being slobbering bigots?

What about the wealth gap? We see people like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) claiming to care about the plight of those living below the poverty line. Yet, she didn’t hesitate to ensure that thousands of New Yorkers would be unable to obtain employment with Amazon. Moreover, like her comrades, the lawmaker pushed for expansive government policies that would only compel the poor to remain reliant on the state’s largesse rather than having an actual shot at prosperity.


While it is impossible to read minds, I believe the answer to these questions is clear. The hard left will never love America – at least not in its current incarnation. The America these people would love is one in which the government has the most control and influence over our lives. Affection for the U.S. can only come after their pipe dreams of a western utopia are realized.

To put it another way, those on the hard left will not be satisfied until they have destroyed America and then, from the rubble, rebuild it in their own image. Marxism must rule the day if America is to be worthy of respect.

For this reason, hard leftists are working overtime to inject the tenets of Critical Race Theory and woke theology into the nation’s institutions. America’s military and classrooms have become battlefields in the war of ideas as the hard left is engaged in a full-court press to make their beliefs dominant.

The education system is vital for so-called progressives. Right now, the nation has largely rejected the influence of the far-left. But if they can plant the seeds of their Marxist ideology into the minds of children, they could reap tremendous benefits in later years. Remember, these people, unlike the conservative movement, learned long ago how to play the long game. While Republicans are thinking about tomorrow, the hard left is thinking about decades in the future.


It is important to remember this when watching how the hard left moves. Their objective is not to improve America, it is to remake America. They will not stop until they finish what President Barack Obama started when he declared they would “fundamentally transform America.”


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