It’s So Good to Be on Twitter if You’re a Left-Leaning Journalist

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Being on the left comes with a plethora of perks. If you’re a politician, the press will protect you from valid criticism. If you are an Antifa operative, they will cover for you. If you happen to be a left-wing media activist posing as a journalist, social media companies will retaliate against those who make fun of you.


Twitter’s cybergestapo recently targeted a popular account called “Journalists Posting Their L’s.” The account amassed over 150,000 followers by reposting stupid, dishonest, or outright hilarious tweets from members of the media.

For the uninitiated, posting one’s “L” is internet slang referring to a person unintentionally (or intentionally) revealing a failure in a post on social media. The account was designed to poke fun at journalists, especially those with a distinct political bias.

Breitbart News observed that the account “has been careful not to tag them or do anything that could be construed as a violation of Twitter’s policy against targeted harassment.”

The person running the account would simply retweet or repost screenshots of tweets posted by reporters without providing any commentary. To put it simply, the journalists’ posts spoke for themselves and demonstrated stupidity or other forms of hilarity.

Breitbart gave an example of one of the account’s tweets in which it posted a screenshot of a tweet from freelance journalist Deanna Schwartz, who has written for Teen Vogue, The Boston Globe, and other left-wing activist media organizations. She wrote:

“I’m about to turn 21 and haven’t had my first kiss. I blame the pandemic.”

However, Schwartz didn’t seem to think the retweet was humorous. She direct messaged the account to complain that it constituted “sexist and antisemitic harassment.” The person running the account responded by pointing out that “none of [their] posts are targeted harassment” and that they “never had a dialogue [with] a journo on this account.”


Shortly after this exchange, Twitter’s cybergestapo banned the account.

One does not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out why the social media company blacklisted this account. The censorship brigade is blatantly biased in their approach to banning or suspending accounts. We know exactly how this would have played out if this account was specifically mocking right-leaning journalists. There is absolutely no way that Twitter would ban the account even if it clearly violated its terms and conditions. At this point, it doesn’t even seem like Twitter is attempting to hide its bias anymore.


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