Space Force Lt. Colonel Ousted for Denouncing Marxism Reveals How Deep the Marxist Infection Goes

(Image credit: U.S. Space Force)

Not a lot is being said about the ousted U.S. Space Force Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeier, but more should be, mostly because of the reason he was fired.

According to, he accused Lohmeier of “prohibited partisan political activity,” but the activity Lohmeier was engaged in was denouncing the Marxist ideology of “critical race theory” which Lohmeier warned is seeping into every branch of our government, especially the military.


Now, while appearing on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Lohmeier gave more insight into what he saw and why he spoke up.

“What happened is I began noticing some time ago, and not just in the past few months, but over the past several years, in increasing relevance, of what I saw was Marxist ideology parading around by other names,” Lohmeier said. “The defense secretary in February, I think it was February 5th of this year, called for an extremism down day and they issued a guidance memorandum to all service members.”

“And in the guidance memorandum, he basically gave an injunction to every service member to combat extremist ideologies within the force where they saw them, and to take it upon ourselves to protect one another and to speak up and educate one another about extremist ideologies, when we discovered them, causing divisions within the force,” he continued.

Lohmeier said he was “paraphrasing the guidance memorandum.”

One particular instance revolved around Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III issuing guidance to every soldier to “stand up for each other” and that each soldier “has a responsibility to say something when they see impermissible behavior.” Austin sent out communications to prep service members for what he called “extremism down-days” which contained Marxist concepts such as the country is evil, that its actual founding was in 1619, and that white people are inherently evil.


If speaking out against extremist ideologies is what soldiers were supposed to be doing then Lohmeier was doing exactly as he was told. Marxism is an extremist ideology and the ideas it pushes are incredibly divisive to the point of trying to legitimize racism against white people.

Lohmiere warned that much of this is being pushed by people in the military who don’t understand what it is they’re doing.

“Most people – including senior leaders – who are pushing these ideas are pushing them without any understanding of Marxism,” he said.

It seems the better option would be to educate senior leaders about extremist ideologies and how they attempt to infiltrate governmental institutions. When Donald Trump was president, teaching critical race theory or “anti-racism” as they’re now calling it was expressly forbidden within the government for the very reasons you’re seeing above. However, with Biden in office, it would appear they’ve not just resumed pushing this Marxist concept on everyone, they’ve made resistance to it punishable.


If that’s the case, then Marxism has become mandatory in our military.


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