Premature Termination - Jeffery Toobin is Officially Let, by The New Yorker

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak


With the announcement being made keeping the comments classy is really…difficult.

A few weeks back we learned that CNN fixture and staffer at The New Yorker Jeffery Toobin pulled a fast one while on a conference call with fellow magazine staffers. He allegedly forgot his video feed was still open and he exposed himself…in an attentive condition. As the story evolved it came to be known that he was less involved on team building and was more focused to onanistic endeavors.


After weeks of speculation on his future — some were as equally sure he would be forgiven and return as he would be fired — the legal journalist announced that the publication has released him from his duties.

While not intending to celebrate anyone’s demise, there is a certain level of unavoidable mirth to be found in a story of such length finally reaching a conclusion.

And we may never know fully if The New York Post meant to go with ”Probe” in their headline regarding the magazine looking into the affair.


Others had various takes on the unhappy ending.

Yes, this stuff is either unavoidable, or it simply writes itself.

Well, there were no OnlyFans jokes to be had, so at least there is something to be gratefull for here.



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