Black Ministers Call for Major League Baseball to Be Held Accountable for Moving All-Star Game

AP Photo/LM Otero

A group of black ministers called for Major League Baseball (MLB) to reverse its decision to host the All-Star game in Colorado instead of Atlanta as was originally planned. This demand comes as the league is facing a lawsuit related to its choosing to rescind its promise to hold the event in Atlanta after Georgia passed its voting rights law.


A non-profit group called Conservative Clergy of Color (CCC) wrote a letter to federal court Judge Valerie Caproni asking her to consider the amount of money that would be lost by minority-owned businesses in the Atlanta area. The judge is presiding over a lawsuit filed by the Job Creators Network (JCN), which seeks to compel the league to hold the All-Star game in Atlanta as was originally planned. The suit contends that businesses in the city will miss out on up to $100 million because of the decision.

In the letter, CCC Chairman Bishop Aubrey Shines criticized MLB’s decision, stating that “in a move of reckless political retribution, the MLB took the All-Star game from Atlanta and in doing so deprived local small businesses of more than $100 million worth of much-need economic activity.”

He added, “Many of these affected businesses are black-owned and located in black neighborhoods,” and that “the MLB’s decision to punish these minority small businesses and residents who bear no responsibility for their state’s political decisions is un-Christian and a violation of their civil rights.”

Shines told the judge that the league “must be held accountable for their egregious action that has significantly hurt Atlanta’s black community” and called on her to rule in favor of the Job Creators Network.


It does not seem likely that the lawsuit will bear much fruit, but the letter’s sentiment was apt. Unfortunately, the pleas of others who have spoken out against MLB’s decision to move the game because Democratic officials and the activist media lied about the Georgia voting law’s impact on black voters will go unanswered. The reason why is obvious: This was never about black people in the first place. The league’s leadership does not care about the black community any more than the hard-leftists lying about the state’s new election laws.

MLB was merely doing what other woke corporations have been doing: Virtue signaling for dollars. Anyone with a modicum of common sense can see that this move was about the color green, not black.


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