Burger King Rips Chick Fil-A With New ‘Woke’ Virtue Signaling Chicken Sandwich Promotion

Burger King Rips Chick Fil-A With New ‘Woke’ Virtue Signaling Chicken Sandwich Promotion
(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

It appears the fast food industry is getting in on the corporate culture wars. The burger chain recently took a shot at Chick Fil A as it touted its late entry into the chicken sandwich wars.

Last week, Burger King posted a tweet explaining that it would donate 40 cents to the Human Rights Campaign for every Ch’King sandwich sold in the month of June. The organization to which the fast-food giant is donating is America’s largest LGBTQ civil rights organization.

But in its tweet, Burger King took a pointed jab at Chick Fil A when it added that it would make these donations “even on Sunday.” Chick Fil A, whose owners are devout Christians,” closes its eating establishments every Sunday.

It’s fairly obvious that Burger King was referencing its competitor’s issues concerning the alphabet community. Chick Fil A came under fire from the woke authoritarians for donating to the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, organizations who obviously hate members of the LGBTQ community because the far-left says they do. In 2019, the company caved and stopped donating to these groups and has tried to distance itself from accusations of all the usual “ists” and “phobes.”

This tweet from Burger King is a clear attempt to capitalize on the chicken sandwich craze that has swept the nation over the past couple of years. Despite its tardiness, the fast-food chain seems to believe knocking Chick Fil A might help the company gain ground.

CNN reported:

Wendy’s (WEN), McDonald’s (MCD), KFC, Shake Shack (SHAK) and many other competitors have blown up their staid chicken sandwiches for new ones or developed additional flavorful menu items. Americans have been eating more chicken and less beef the last few years, and low-growth, low-margin, low-loyalty fast-food companies are desperate for any leg up over the competition.

Burger King announced its new chicken sandwich in February and I’m sure the fact that this was Black History Month played absolutely no part in this decision. “To help distinguish the product, Burger King has since renamed the sandwich the “Ch’King” (it had originally been referred to as simply the hand-breaded crispy chicken sandwich),” according to CNN.

But judging from this tweet, Burger King isn’t just trying to sell chicken sandwiches. It seems to also be dipping its toe into the world of woke capitalism. This likely isn’t the first time the fast-food chain has virtue signaled to the woke crowd, but it has not previously attempted to launch an SJW-style attack on a competitor. Hopefully, this doesn’t become a trend.


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