White House Teams up With Dating Apps for Another Ridiculous Initiative

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Just in case you needed yet another sign that American society is descending into the depths of absurdity, the White House is teaming up with dating apps to encourage Americans to get COVID vaccinations. This new endeavor is part of President Joe Biden’s effort to have 70 percent of American adults get at least one injection by the 4th of July.


NBC News reported:

Tinder, OKCupid and Hinge and others are announcing they will offer users badges showing their vaccination status and access to premium content for those who’ve received their shots. The apps are also implementing filters so people can see who has been vaccinated as well as promotions and links to vaccine.gov to help people find where to get the shots.

The White House announced: “Hinge will encourage users to share their vaccination status on their profile and give vaccinated users a free ‘Rose,’ which is premium content that indicates to other users that they’re especially excited to get to know them.”

OKCupid indicated that it would implement a new matching system allowing users to conduct searches by vaccination status. “Vaccinated people will also receive a free ‘Boost’ to move their profile to the front of a daters’ stack,” the White House explained.

“Bumble, Badoo, BLK, Chispa, Match and Plenty of Fish will also take part in the effort to promote vaccinations,” according to NBC News.

The Biden administration mentioned that OKCupid found that users who are vaccinated or plan to be get 14 percent more matches when compared to those who don’t.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a little over 60 percent of adults have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine. Just under 50 percent have been fully inoculated.


These companies are joining others who have been offering incentives to those who decide to get the vaccine.

The Biden administration seems to be pulling out all the stops to ensure that he reaches his 70 percent goal. It would make sense considering the various crises that they are mishandling at the moment. The bottom line is that the president needs a win. He needs at least one accomplishment to tout at this point because it does not seem likely that he will be able to resolve the migrant, unemployment, and Middle East situations anytime soon.

This latest endeavor, while silly, is one of several that we will see from the administration but it remains to be seen whether they will hit their goal. But either way, at least it provides an easier way to get a date, right?


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