Lenny McAllister Talks Education, School Choice, Charter Schools, and Teachers Unions

(AP Photo/Christopher Torchia)

Education is one of those issues that is constantly the subject of debate on the national stage. Regardless of which administration is in power, the people on both sides of the political divide has their opinions on how best to fix our public school system.

This was the topic of discussion with my friend, colleague, and co-host Lenny McAllister, who heads the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools. We discussed charter schools, how they compare with regular public schools, and why school choice is one of the answers to closing wealth disparities between black and white Americans.

McAllister also lays out the reasons why there is a difference in quality when it comes to predominantly white schools and black schools. He explains how the history of redlining and other government policies were specifically designed to create this disparity and how the effects of these policies are still causing problems today.

When black parents have more choices as to where they send their children to school, we can finally begin to reverse the impact of these policies. Unfortunately, there are many on the left who seek to maintain the status quo mostly for monetary reasons.

The horrible reality is that the teacher unions, along with other left-leaning forces, have become an enemy to the black community while masquerading as friends. It is yet another reason why conservatives have an opportunity to begin making inroads with black voters, who overwhelmingly support school choice.