Kamala Harris Plans to Get on Her Knees and Beg the U.N. to Handle the Border Crisis

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Alleged Border Czar Vice President Kamala Harris appears to already be bored with her new role. Almost three weeks after President Joe Biden announced that he was tasking her with getting the migrant crisis under control, she seems ready to delegate that task to the international community.


Perhaps she’s got better things to do?

During a Sunday morning interview with CNN, Harris responded to questions about the situation at the southern border with the usual “it’s all Trump’s fault” rigamarole and took no responsibility for Biden’s role in causing the crisis. She indicated that the problem would not “be solved overnight” and that the Trump administration was responsible for bringing efforts to deal with the “root problems” of the issue to a “standstill.”

Newsweek noted that the vice president “has criticized Trump’s border wall efforts as a simple stopgap that doesn’t solve the ‘extreme hunger and economic devastation’ that is bringing Central American migrants to the border in the first place.”

So what is her solution? Based on her conversation with media activist Dana Bash, she wishes to outsource much of the effort to the United Nations, which is the very paragon of competence and morality.

“We’re going to be increasing the requests that we’re making of our allies in the United Nations,” Harris said. “This is about the Western Hemisphere, we are a neighbor in the Western Hemisphere. We have the capacity to actually get in there if we are consistent. Part of the problem is that under the previous administration, they pulled out, essentially, a lot of what had been the continuum of work, and it essentially, came to a standstill.”


Harris continued, insisting that the United States must “institutionalize and internationalize” the migration issues. “This has to be a function of an American priority…but we are a neighbor in the Western Hemisphere,” she said, noting that she has been working with U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Linda Thomas-Greenfield to obtain help from the international community.

The alleged border czar stressed the notion that most migrants “don’t want to leave home,” but are pushed to do so by substandard economic conditions. She argued that the inability of many migrant families to “satisfy the basic necessities of life like feeding children” is the primary reason for the surge at the southern border.

“If parents and children cannot literally eat, cannot have basic essentials that people need to live, then of course, they’re going to flee and that’s what we’re seeing,” she added.

There can be no doubt that economic factors are the primary cause of the influx of migrants to the United States. However, asking the United Nations to intervene is Harris’ way of passing the buck and relying on a faux solution. The U.N., which is infamous for its incompetence, will not successfully bring about the type of economic solutions that would cause people to remain in their home countries.


While the case could be made for the U.S. to do more to enrich these nations to entice people not to make the dangerous trek to our southern border, the fact that the Biden administration is seeking to lean on the United Nations demonstrates that they are not as serious about this issue as they would have us believe.

Moreover, if the U.S. were to help countries in Central America boost their economies, they will not be as prosperous as the United States. To put it simply, there will still be people seeking to enter our country in violation of our immigration laws unless we also implement measures designed to discourage illegal entry. However, as we already know, this is exactly the outcome that the Democrats desire, so why would they bother to look for an authentic solution?




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