Maj Toure on ‘Fake Media’ CNN and the Growing Libertarian Movement in Urban America

Caption: Black Guns Matter co-founder Maj Toure discusses CNN with Fox News' Lawrence B. Jones

Black Guns Matter co-founder and gun rights activist Maj Toure had much to say about the activist media’s reporting on the riots in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, that were ignited after the Daunte Wright footage surfaced. Media activist outlets like CNN have been covering the matter and as usual, they are running cover for those engaged in rioting and looters.

During an appearance with Fox News’ Lawrence B. Jones, the two men discussed an admission by a CNN staffer that the network is trying to help the Black Lives Matter group. Jones asked Toure if he was surprised by the revelation.

“I’m not surprised by this at all. It’s par for the course. Listen, they’ve got one playbook. The playbook has been exposed. The frustrating part is the fact that the American people still allow it,” Toure responded. He continued:

And I can’t even say the American people are tricked by it. We allow it, right? So this isn’t surprising. I mean, we’re seeing Big Tech hide behind government, you know, section 230 and basically manipulate. So, no, this isn’t surprising at all to me. Like, I think most Americans see, you know, the fake media that CNN actually is.

Jones then played a clip in which a black man confronting a CNN reporter, telling her that “all the press and all the extra sh*t that y’all do makes this worse.”

Toure pointed out that the moment captured in the clip “was real” and noted that people living in these areas are “being more vocal about it.”

“These are our communities that are being manipulated by extreme left media, telling a story that’s not accurate,” the activist noted. He added:

And people that have conservative and libertarian-minded values in those urban centers outnumber the small amount of people that have been manipulating and doing things. And this is, this is, again, we’ve been seeing it for a long time. But now, there’s more and more people that look like me, that wear hoodies that wear jeans that don’t always have on a suit and tie. They’re being much more vocal about it. And I love it.

The conversation then turned to the work of libertarians in affecting positive change. Jones asked about Toure’s work in urban communities.

The activist noted that there is a “very serious overlap between conservative principles and libertarian principles.”

He continued:

But basically we all live by the premise of, you know, don’t hurt people, don’t touch their stuff, don’t bother their things. I think all Americans, urban, suburban and rural are there. And that’s that’s more of a libertarian philosophy in that regard. And I think there is that overlap.

So I think it’s very, you know, how we’ve been successful in making sure that that liberty message is there, but not isolating our brothers and sisters in a conservative movement as well, because we got to get organized. [The left] have all of the media.

The Black Guns Matter co-founder also had some words for high-profile conservatives who seem to be more focused on talking about issues than working to solve them.

“Listen, if you call yourself a conservative, all of these conservatives that we see all over the television … if you don’t see them actually doing work in black communities, white communities, Asian communities, brown communities, poor communities … They’re just talking,” he said. “These are the areas where leftist policies, especially in regard to gun control, which isn’t about safety, have attacked and hamstring those communities.”

Toure concluded: “Our work at Black Guns Matter is going there, educating the people, getting them to vote in a different direction, more in alignment with their constitutional and human rights, especially as it pertains to the Second Amendment.”