Thank God White Progressives Are Here to Help What They Believe Are Poor, Dumb Negro Voters

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What would black people do without their white saviors on the hard left? How would your average black person survive if it weren’t for progressives constantly hovering above them with their angel wings, ready to swoop in whenever an African American needed to figure out how to use computers, obtain identification, or even understand what is written on their driver’s licenses?


These are likely some of the questions that people like Democrat attorney Marc Elias ask themselves as they read the New Yorker while munching on their avocado toast. In fact, Elias made an utter fool of himself on social media when he decided to go full white savior on the voter ID issue.

RedState’s Sister Toldjah wrote a piece explaining how Elias tried to use a photo of a black woman to imply that black folks can’t figure out how to find their driver’s license number when looking at their identification. Naturally, after the predictable blowback, the attorney tried to make it seem as if his tweet was not about race.

But given the fact that white progressive would-be saviors like Elias routinely claim that voter ID laws are racist, it is not hard to figure out that his comments were mostly directed at black Americans given the fact that his ilk claim that we don’t know how to obtain ID’s. However, this is bigger than Elias; it is indicative of a pervasive viewpoint on the left.


It is not often that progressives say the quiet part out loud, but their opinions on the black community are still obvious. The fact of the matter is that white progressives view black people as inferior. Even more insidious, they promote this notion under the guise of being “anti-racist.”

Remember, white progressive elites don’t truly care about racism. In fact, they love all forms of bigotry like a samurai loves his katana; it is not a societal ill to be addressed, it is a weapon to be wielded against political opposition.

Instead of openly admitting they believe black people are not as intellectually competent as the rest of the nation, they intimate that it is racism – and racism only – that prevents African Americans from performing simple tasks like using computers to fill out information, obtain identification, and others. This video by Ami Horowitz, which was filmed four years ago, is still relevant today when it relates to white progressives’ attitudes towards black voters.

Some call this so-called progressive tendency the “soft bigotry of low expectations.” I disagree. There is nothing “soft” about the type of bigotry the hard left exhibits. These attitudes lead to policies and programs ostensibly designed to “help” black Americans, but end up doing far more harm than good.


It is this type of racist thinking that leads white progressives to concoct and promote ridiculous ideas like defunding the police, which would place more black lives in danger under the guise of preventing racist police from abusing their authority. The fact that the vast majority of black Americans would prefer to have the same amount of police in their neighborhoods or more is lost on white progressive elites.

This is because the white progressives pushing this initiative are racists, plain and simple.

If white progressives actually cared about black Americans, they would be willing to listen to them. But they don’t. They just use African Americans to push their agenda – because they are racists. To them, we are nothing more than political pawns to be used against their opposition.

Since white progressive elites view black people as inferior, they use their problems to elevate themselves and their sense of “wokeness.” They engage in performative empathy to gain plaudits from the masses and boost their sense of self-worth. This tweet from RedState’s Brandon Morse sums it up nicely:


The hard left’s bigotry is not soft – but it is sneaky. The fact that some of these white progressive elites actually believe the lies they tell themselves makes them even more dangerous to minorities. Many of these folks have convinced themselves that they are engaging in noble behavior when they wear their faux halos. If people genuinely believe they are doing something positive, it is harder to get them to see flaws in their thinking. Unfortunately, this is exactly what the white progressive elites want.


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