David Hogg Runs Into Huge Snag in New Pillow Endeavor

David Hogg Runs Into Huge Snag in New Pillow Endeavor
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It looks like anti-gun activist David Hogg’s effort to launch a business to rival MyPillow, whose founder has come under fire for his opinions regarding the 2020 presidential election, has hit a snag. Indeed, his mission to put MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell out of business may already be dead in the water before manufacturing a single pillow.

The fate of Hogg’s “My Pillow” company is in danger because the would-be entrepreneur neglected to take a step that is essential in forming a new company. The Washington Examiner reported:

Good Pillow got off to a nightmare start this week, as multiple news outlets reported that the gun control activist apparently didn’t trademark his company’s name.

Now the moniker “Good Pillow” belongs to someone who is neither Mr. Hogg nor his announced business partner, tech entrepreneur William LeGate.

The website Meaww explained that “According to the trademark application, ‘Good pillow’ was being registered for a ‘custom-built pillow,’ to use the mark in commerce or in connection with identified goods and services.”

The report continued: “The application is now waiting to be assigned to an examining attorney approximately three months after the filing date, which will take place in May 2021. The image registered with the application does not match the logo on Hogg’s and LeGate’s Good Pillow website. At the time of reporting, no other applications for the name have been filed under either Hogg’s or LeGate’s name.”

Hogg and LeGate in early February announced their intention to launch Good Pillow to drive Lindell and MyPillow out of business. Lindell is a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump and insists he has proof the 2020 election was stolen.

“[We] are going to prove that progressives can make a better pillow, run a better business and help make the world a better place while doing it,” Mr. Hogg wrote.

At the time, LeGate said, “We are considering airing a commercial on Fox News immediately following MyPillow ads… my ad buyer says it is unlikely they’ll let us do that, though, since Fox News relies on MyPillow & if MyPillow goes under, it could also really hurt Fox News.”

Hogg suggested their company should hire MyPillow’s workers after the company goes under because “they got families.”

A number of high-profile left-leaning media outlets praised Hogg’s endeavor. The Washington Post wrote a glowing piece about the young entrepreneur, who is also a survivor of the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida. “This is a really weird timeline,” Hogg noted in an interview. “We’re in a global pandemic, I’m in college online because of that, and I’m starting a pillow company as my second start-up all before I can even legally drink.”

But not everyone was keen on Hogg’s idea. “March For Our Lives,” an anti-gun group formed by survivors of the Parkland high school shooting recently split from Hogg and made it clear they were not affiliated with the Good Pillow venture.

Cameron Kasky, a fellow survivor and gun control activist intimated that his former schoolmate was a “grift.” Without mentioning Hogg by name, Kasky posted a series of tweets seemingly castigating the business venture. “To those of you who marched, donated, lobbied, and called for change… I’m so sorry this is what it turned into. This is embarrassing,” he tweeted.

He added: “But welcome to America, everything ends up a grift.”

Of course, it is not possible to determine what Hogg’s true intentions with this project are. But if it is a grift, it seems that it might already be time to move on to the next attempt to use politics to get people’s hard-earned cash.

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