Behind the Democrats’ Outrage-Based Plan to Convict Trump During Whirlwind Impeachment Circus

Behind the Democrats’ Outrage-Based Plan to Convict Trump During Whirlwind Impeachment Circus
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

It is only one day before the impeachment trial to convict former President Donald Trump is set to begin in the Senate, and Democrats seem ready to implement their strategy. These proceedings will go differently from the first time Congressional Democrats attempted to impeach Trump. But as many have predicted, the impeachment ship seems destined for the same fate as the Titanic.

The New York Times reported that the Democrats intend to launch a “fast-paced, cinematic case aimed at rekindling the outrage” that lawmakers experienced during the U.S. Capitol riots on Jan. 6. The author wrote:

Armed with lessons from Mr. Trump’s first impeachment trial, which even Democrats complained was repetitive and sometimes sanctimonious, the prosecutors managing his second are prepared to conclude in as little as a week, forgo distracting witness fights and rely heavily on video, according to six people working on the case.

It seems that Democratic senators are banking on an appeal to emotion, namely, anger, to motivate enough of their colleagues to vote in favor of conviction.

“The story of the president’s actions is both riveting and horrifying,” said Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD). “We think that every American should be aware of what happened — that the reason he was impeached by the House and the reason he should be convicted and disqualified from holding future federal office is to make sure that such an attack on our democracy and Constitution never happens again.”

The Democrats plan to use copious amounts of video footage while making more concise arguments to keep from boring their colleagues into apathy. They might be relying more on this medium because the visuals could stick in people’s minds in a way that droning on and on about “Orange Man Bad” wouldn’t.

On the other hand, Trump’s lawyers will argue that the Senate does not have the authority to impeach a president after he is already out of office because the Constitution does not grant the upper chamber that power. Moreover, they will contend that Senate Democrats’ allegations against the former president lack merit. They will argue that he is not responsible for inciting the assault on the Capitol. They may also use footage of the Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots that Democrats and other left-leaning entities led.

But in the end, we already know what will happen. The Democrats need 17 Republican senators to convict Trump and it has already been shown that they will not get the support they need to convict. Nevertheless, the left is insistent on following through with this absurd farce, which will do far more damage to the Democrats than their opponents. Unfortunately for the left, the Democrats will still not learn their lesson even after their inevitable defeat.


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