The John Weaver Sex Scandal Could Be The Nail In The Lincoln Project’s Coffin


Members of the Lincoln Project have sat on their high horses for years, incessantly prattling on about how evil Donald Trump is and why the Republican Party needs to embrace them as it did in days long past. These people stood on their lofty perches, lecturing us about morality and principles.


And the whole time, they had a predator in their midst.

Now, they are trying to backpedal and disassociate themselves from John Weaver, a former Lincoln Project leader alleged to have engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior with young men, some of whom were minors. George Conway, one of the more obnoxious Lincoln grifters, pretended that he did not have much of a relationship with Weaver, but that didn’t work out too well for him.

RedState’s Sister Toldjah noted that Conway’s disavowal of Weaver was less than honest. He collaborated with Weaver on a New York Times opinion piece and formed the Lincoln Project with him. Not exactly the type of thing one would do with someone they don’t really know, right?

But despite the organization’s attempt to distance itself from Weaver, this could very well be the beginning of the end for this not-so-merry band of insufferable opportunists. Not even Twitter’s algorithm will be able to save them from the black mark this will be on their group.

The organization was already on thin ice. Its leaders, rejected by conservatives, seemed to believe they would find a home on the left. Lincoln Project leader Steve Schmidt even went so far as to change parties and is now a card-carrying Democrat in more than name only. But even after the election, the left wasn’t too crazy about the group, which they believed was trying to take credit for the work of actual grassroots activists.


Now, with this scandal over their heads, it is difficult to imagine that anyone important would even pretend to take them seriously anymore. Anytime they push their “we need to go back the Bush days” line, people will immediately think of their predator colleague.

Let’s face it: The Lincoln Project was always a joke. It is a group of people who were displaced by President Trump in 2016 and were suffering with sore backsides as a result. Since then, they have done whatever they could to grasp some thread of relevancy.

But most people on both sides saw them for what they are: feckless opportunists. They are simply relics of a bygone era. In the post-Trump era, they have been trying to carve out a place on the right again, but unfortunately, nobody wants them. The bottom line is that their hope of returning to business as usual was always doomed. But with this development, it appears their fate is sealed even sooner than expected.


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