Republican Senators Have Bad News for Democrats Excited About Trump's Impeachment

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Democrats getting all hot and bothered at the thought of impeaching Trump even though he is out of office might be in for a rude awakening. Several Republican senators have indicated that they will not support another impeachment drama. In other news, conservatives are stocking up on popcorn in anticipation of being entertained by the incessant whining from the left that is sure to follow a failed effort to convict the former president.


“Well, first of all, I think the trial is stupid,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said in an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.” He added, “I think it’s counterproductive. We already have a flaming fire in this country, and [impeachment is] taking a bunch of gasoline and pouring it on top of the fire.”

While Rubio said he believes Trump “bears responsibility for some of what happened” during the assault on the U.S. Capitol building, he does not believe that impeachment is the fair way to deal with it. The senator also argued that it would be “arrogant” to contend that the former president should be barred from running for federal office.

“The first chance I get to vote to end this trial, I will do it, because I think it’s bad for America,” he vowed. “If you want to hold people accountable, there’s other ways to do it, particularly for a president.”

Rubio insisted that another impeachment trial will “make it harder to get important things done, and it’s just going to continue to fuel these divisions that have paralyzed the country and turned us into a country of people that hate each other.”

Sen. Mike Rounds (R-SD) referred to the impeachment rial as “a moot point,” during an appearance on NBC News’Meet The Press.”

He continued: “I think right now, Donald Trump is no longer the president; he is a former president.” He said he believes that impeaching a former president is not constitutionally viable and would also take time away from important business.


Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), a staunch Trump ally, wrote an op-ed for The Hill in which he criticized the arguments of those pushing for impeachment. He wrote, “to argue that any politician that tells a crowd to ‘fight to take back your country’ is somehow guilty of incitement is absurd.”

The senator brought up his experiences, arguing that it would not make sense to blame Democratic politicians for the actions of their followers. He wrote:

If we are to blame politicians for the most violent acts of their craziest supporters, then many of my colleagues would face some pretty harsh charges themselves. I’ve been shot at, assaulted and harassed by supporters of the left, including some who directly said the words of politicians moved them to this violence.

Paul also recalled his experience facing an attack from a would-be assassin who tried to kill GOP lawmakers at a baseball field in 2018. The assailant was an avid Bernie Sanders supporter.

“At the time, Democrats were arguing that the GOP plan for health care was ‘you get sick, then they let you die,'” Paul noted. “Is it any wonder an insane left-wing gunman took that rhetoric to heart and concluded, ‘If the GOP is going to let me die, then maybe I’ll just kill them first'”?

The lawmaker pointed out that “not one Republican stepped up to blame Bernie Sanders or suggest he be impeached or held responsible for the attempted assassination of more than 20 congressmen.”


Sen. Paul argued that he would not support conviction because:

The Constitution says two things about impeachment — it is a tool to remove the officeholder, and it must be presided over by the chief justice of the Supreme Court.

Neither one of those things will happen. President Trump is gone, and Justice John Roberts, properly noticing the absence of an officeholder being impeached, is declining to preside.

In order to convict Trump, Democrats would need at least 17 Republican senators to join the effort. Based on comments made by GOP lawmakers, it seems that the Democrats’ efforts are doomed to failure. But at least they can enjoy the political theater, right?


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