Biden Seeks To Annihilate Trump’s Legacy With Flood Of Executive Orders Within First 10 Days

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Former Vice President Joe Biden plans to issue a series of executive orders designed to eliminate much of what the Trump administration put into place within his first ten days in office. He will impose these new measures as a way to indicate a new direction for the country. However, you will be glad to know that he has no plans to govern from his basement, as far as he knows.


“President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr., inheriting a collection of crises unlike any in generations, plans to open his administration with dozens of executive directives on top of expansive legislative proposals in a 10-day blitz meant to signal a turning point for a nation reeling from disease, economic turmoil, racial strife and now the aftermath of the assault on the Capitol,” according to The New York Times.

The former vice president’s team has created a list of executive orders that he will implement after his inauguration on Wednesday. These measures will be designed to reverse some of President Trump’s policies, especially those related to immigration. They will also begin the pursuit of Biden’s agenda for the country as well. The Times noted, “advisers hope the flurry of action, without waiting for Congress, will establish a sense of momentum for the new president even as the Senate puts his predecessor on trial.”

Biden plans to get started on erasing Trump’s programs on his first day in office by issuing a set of orders.

From The Times:

They include rescinding the travel ban on several predominantly Muslim countries, rejoining the Paris climate change accord, extending pandemic-related limits on evictions and student loan payments, issuing a mask mandate for federal property and interstate travel and ordering agencies to figure out how to reunite children separated from families after crossing the border, according to a memo circulated on Saturday by Ron Klain, his incoming White House chief of staff, and obtained by The New York Times.


This revelation comes only days after Biden declared that he would ask Congress to pass an immense $1.9 trillion package of economic stimulus and COVID-19 relief.

On his first day in office, Biden plans to put forth a legislative proposal that would provide a pathway to citizenship for over ten million immigrants residing in the U.S. illegally. As I wrote in a previous article, Democrats in Congress will likely push hard for this legislation as it would give them a clear electoral advantage in the future.

But, according to The New York Times, Biden won’t even throw a bone to Republican lawmakers by pretending that he will also push for more security at the border and a more effective way to decrease illegal immigration. While this might make it harder to pass the legislation, the fact that the Democrats are in control of both chambers of Congress and the presidency doesn’t look good for immigration hawks.

This development underscores a sense of urgency on the left – it is clear that they plan to use their newly-given power to ram through as much controversial legislation as possible. The Democrats plan to take full advantage of their position despite realizing that it may cost them the House and Senate in 2022. Even if that happens, the Democrats will have already imposed a significant chunk of their agenda if they succeed.


Still, it is critical to remember that the Democrats are not guaranteed to successfully push through all of their more extreme policies. There are still plenty of Democrat lawmakers whose constituents aren’t too thrilled about these endeavors. It is the reason why they lost so many House seats, which is a reality that is not lost on the establishment wing of the party. Hopefully, the less insane among their ranks will win out.


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