NPR Concocts Ridiculous Label For People Rioting At The Capitol Building

NPR Concocts Ridiculous Label For People Rioting At The Capitol Building
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Some media activists pretend to be legitimate journalists. Others barely even try to mask that they are left-wing shills using their platforms to promote the progressive agenda. NPR has apparently fallen into the latter category.

NPR host Lulu Garcia-Navarro posted a tweet explaining how they will refer to those involved in the riots at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. “NPR guidance: we won’t be calling the people who stormed the Capitol ‘protestors’ – they are ‘pro-Trump extremists’ and what they are doing is ‘insurrection,’ she tweeted.

And now, you’re probably thinking, “Hey! They never use that type of rhetoric when talking about radical Antifa operatives engage in political violence!”

Well, you’re right, they don’t. Ever. Indeed, other activist media outlets tend to describe these people in less incendiary terms. They refer to them as “protesters.” In many cases, they portray them as noble freedom fighters trying to stomp out fascism – literally – and protect civil rights.

If yesterday’s incident were being perpetrated by radical left-wing extremists, we all know it would be a different story and an entirely sympathetic narrative. They would be fawning all over the participants. There would be an outpouring of empathy for the person who was shot and killed by Capitol police instead of far-leftists trying to make her look like a racist like former NBA player Rex Chapman, who posted a video of her talking about her frustration with politicians.

Garcia-Navarro’s tweet is yet another indication showing that alleged news outlets have gone beyond exercising simple bias; they have become full-blown left-wing activists working on behalf of the Democratic Party. The sooner we stop referring to them as journalists, the better. These are not reporters engaging in journalism. These are political operatives working for a specific cause: Progressive supremacy over American society and we would do well to address them as such.


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