Federal Judge Destroys Ghislaine Maxwell for Misleading Court to Get Bail

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Jeffrey Epstein confidante Ghislaine Maxwell got some bad news recently. A federal judge denied her request for bail after she noted that she was married and said she was willing to forfeit her right to avoid extradition from France. But according to the judge presiding over her case, Maxwell was less than honest about her claims.


U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan sharply criticized the British socialite for attempting to mislead the court. “The defendant now argues that her newly revealed relationship with her spouse signals her deep affective ties in the country, but at the time she was arrested, she was not living with him and claimed to be getting divorced,” she wrote in newly unsealed court documents.

After Maxwell was arrested in July, the court denied her request to be released to home confinement on a $5 million bond and refused to disclose the identity of her husband.

The New York Post reported:

But in the 58-year-olds’s renewed motion for bail, her attorneys argued that the couple had lived an idyllic and devoted life in an oceanfront mansion in Manchester, Mass., supporting her claim of strong family ties to the country.

Prosecutors countered that she told pretrial services that she and Borgerson, 43, planned to split up.

Judge Nathan noted that when the alleged Epstein accomplice was arrested, she was hiding in her home in New Hampshire without her husband. She also observed that Maxwell was suggesting that she would live with a friend if released, not her husband, which undercuts “her argument that that relationship would create an insurmountable burden to her fleeing.”


The judge also slammed Maxwell for showing a “pattern of providing incomplete or erroneous information to the court or to pretrial services.”

The New York Post provides an example of this pattern:

The accused child abuser claimed at the time of her arrest she was worth just $.3.5 million — leaving out Borgerson’s assets and those that had been transferred to a trust. In her latest financial disclosures, she admitted that she and Borgerson’s net worth was about $22.5 million.

The vast disparity between the two figures “makes it unlikely that the misrepresentation was the result of the defendant’s misestimation rather than misdirection,” Nathan wrote. “That lack of candor raises significant concerns as to whether the court has now been provided a full and accurate picture of her finances.”

Judge Nathan also explained that the socialite’s wealth isn’t the only issue. She wrote that Maxwell has “demonstrated an extraordinary capacity to evade detection.” She also noted the accused sex trafficker’s deep international ties and multiple citizenships as factors that could make her a flight risk.


Maxwell has been incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn as she awaits trial for her role in the sex trafficking operations of now-deceased billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. She is facing six counts related to her recruiting three girls to be abused by Epstein and then lying about it. Her trial is set to begin on July 12, 2021.


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