Sidney Powell Claims White House Aides Preventing Her From Helping Trump

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It appears the Trump administration might not be interested in working with Kraken lawyer Sidney Powell. The pro-Trump attorney is claiming that White House aides are preventing her from helping President Donald Trump in his challenge to the results of the presidential election.


Powell said on Thursday that staffers are keeping her from interacting with the president to coordinate his effort to reverse the results of the election in battleground states. During an interview with Zenger News, she stated that she has heard nothing from the White House after she met with Trump last Friday.

“I’ve been blocked from speaking to or communicating with the president since I left the Oval Office on Friday night,” Powell said on Saturday morning, “by apparently everyone around him.”

The attorney also claimed that she was verbally offered the position of “special counsel” by the president to further investigate allegations of election fraud. However, she stated that she could not provide him with paperwork to make her supposed position official due to the interference from White House staffers. “I am not a Robert Mueller-style special counsel,” Powell told Zenger News. “[T]here was a discussion about me being a special White House counsel.”

“It has not come to pass, because it seems it was blocked after Friday night, or undone, or I’m not sure what you’d call it,” she continued.


The Hill noted:

“Her comments seemingly reflect efforts by senior White House officials to freeze her relationship with the president and prevent her from gaining more access; CNN reported that Powell alongside former national security adviser Michael Flynn had a contentious meeting with White House aides and Trump on Friday that at times became heated when aides to the president rejected the pair’s more fanciful claims of widespread election fraud.”

Powell told Zenger that she has had no contact with Trump since the Dec. 18 meeting. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany declined to comment on whether or not any member of Trump’s staff blocked Powell’s access.

The attorney explained that White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, along with other officials, have “thrown sand in the gears” of the duties Trump supposedly tasked her with. She also pushed back on reports that martial law, or using the military to seize voting machines, was discussed. “I can tell you for sure,” she said, “that was not discussed in the Oval Office Friday night.”

If Trump did offer her the position she claims, Powell would have top-level security clearance and 24-hour access to the White House. She would work in the same office suite as the White House Counsel.


While it is entirely possible that White House aides were working to keep Powell from the president, it’s worth pointing out that if Trump truly wanted her to serve as counsel to investigate election fraud, even his staff could not stop him. At a certain point, he would give a definitive order to bring the attorney on as counsel. The fact that this is not happening suggests that he could have considered the idea, but did not commit to it.

But, you never know. If he wants Powell to serve in this role, he could easily make it happen in the near future.


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