Tucker Carlson: Biden Choosing China Propagandist As Ambassador

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China has been in the news more frequently since it was revealed that the Justice Department is investigating Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, for his business dealings and finances. On Wednesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson weighed in on the news that Joe Biden is considering appointing Walt Disney Company Executive Chairman Bob Iger as ambassador to Beijing.


The Hollywood Reporter noted that Iger is “at the top of President-elect Joe Biden’s wish list for a key ambassador post, namely China or the U.K.” The Disney executive was a top donor to the former vice president’s campaign.

During his opening monologue on Wednesday’s show, Carlson focused on Iger’s suspicious ties to China, pointing out that “few people have made more money from their connections to the Chinese government than Bob Iger, and fewer still are as openly grateful for it.”

The host recalled that in 2016, Iger touted the opening of the Shanghai Disneyland theme park, calling it “a celebration of creativity and collaboration, a triumph of imagination and innovation, and a testament to the strong partnership between Disney and China.”

According to Carlson, Iger personally met with China’s propaganda minister in 2012 and vowed to use the company’s platform to “introduce more about China to the world.”

“In other words, Disney promised to spread Chinese government propaganda, and that’s what they did. Disney began working directly with Beijing’s Ministry of Culture, and that partnership produced the 2016 film ‘Born in China’, which promised to, ‘showcase to the world the spectacular wildlife and natural beauty of China.’ Carlson said.


The executive even went so far as to give the Chinese government a 30% share in the Disney management company that administered the Shanghai property as well as 57% ownership in the Shanghai resort.

“Now, put yourself in Iger’s position. You’ve watched for decades as the government of China has hurt your country, hurt your fellow Americans. If you were a patriotic person, would you jump into business deals with the people who did that? Bob Iger did,” Carlson noted.

The host also pointed out how Iger indicated that it would be difficult to do business in Georgia after it passed anti-abortion legislation, but had no problem promoting China despite its human rights abuses. He said:

“But in China, there’s a separate slate of standards. China can throw ethnic minorities in concentration camps. China can weld coronavirus patients into their apartments until they starve to death and crush protesters with tanks on television. None of that bothers Bob Iger. He loves China and he’s not shy about saying so.”

Carlson argued that Biden is looking for potential appointments that will cozy up to the Chinese regime rather than people who will take a hard line. “We should note that Joe Biden isn’t thinking of nominating Bob Iger in spite of his praise for the communist government of China. Sucking up to China is the qualification. Iger is just following the lead of the Biden family,” he said.


Later in his monologue, the host said, “Biden is accelerating our sucking up to China, installing Chinese propagandists in the U.S. government to represent our interests in front of China. This will continue to happen every day in this country, and if you try to say anything about it, your words might disappear, too.”

Carlson’s comments come only days after news broke about a leaked database containing the names of about 2 million members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) who have infiltrated western governments and large corporations. These individuals have obtained high-level positions in these entities and are believed to be part of a Chinese espionage operation.

The Fox host is also correct when it comes to Beijing’s propagandizing in the west. It isn’t just Disney who is helping the CCP accomplish its influence objectives. It was recently revealed that the country’s propaganda ministry has been paying U.S.-based newspapers to publish content favorable to the Chinese government.

One of the many drawbacks to Biden occupying the Oval Office is his troubling connections to the Chinese government. His son’s dealings with entities with ties to Beijing may even become more of an issue if it is revealed that Joe Biden was involved. We can’t expect that Hunter will be held accountable for his actions with his father in the White House.


Indeed, it seems more likely that the probe’s findings will be concealed from the public. The left-wing activist media will assist with the coverup by refusing to dig into the matter. Unfortunately, a Biden presidency will only make Beijing stronger in the end.


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