Trevor Noah Slices and Dices Democrats for Ignoring Their Own COVID Restrictions

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Comedian Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show,” recently called out Democratic politicians who were caught violating their own COVID-19 restrictions. Over the past few weeks, a significant number of news stories were published detailing how left-leaning politicians were refusing to obey measures that they either imposed or publicly supported. 


RedState’s Brad Slager compiled a list of Democrats who ignored their own coronavirus orders here

During his show on Thursday night, Noah played a CNN clip highlighting Democrats who were caught disobeying coronavirus restrictions. In response to the video, he said:

“Of course, until there is a vaccine, it’s more important than ever to follow social distancing guidelines. Now, the good news is that a lot of politicians have been speaking out very clearly about the need for us in the public to stay safe. The bad news is that these politicians haven’t all been practicing what they preach.”

Some of the individuals highlighted in the clip included California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who attended a semi-indoors party at a fancy French restaurant in Napa and was seen mingling without a face mask. It also showed San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who attended a birthday party only three days after she prohibited indoor dining in her city. Austin Mayor Steve Adler filmed a video telling residents of the city to “stay home” while he was vacationing in Mexico. 


Noah viciously mocked the politicians for their obvious hypocrisy. 

“Oh man, come on!” he said. “What is it with these Democrats?”

“Hey everybody, this is your mayor here telling you to say home and stay safe. Do the right thing. All my boys in the pool know what I’m talking about! Say what’s up everybody!” he said, focusing on Adler.

“I’m sorry man, everyone has given up their lives and then you’ve got these politicians who are just hypocrites out here. What? You guys think corona respects your office too much to come after you? Because don’t forget, it got the president of the United States. It’s not going to be starstruck by Governor hair gel [Mr. Newsom],” he said.

“Yeah, everyone expects them to be doing this,” he continued. “The official Republican Party platform right now is just [coughing]. In fact, in a way these Democrats are even worse than the anti-maskers because of their hypocrisy — at least when those dudes break the rules they’re open about it.”

Noah’s comments, of course, were spot on. They were a rare example of leftists calling out politicians on their own side for following the “Do as I say, not as I do,” principle. 


It makes sense that someone like Noah would take issue with Democratic politicians who flout the rules they created. If he truly believes that the virus is as dangerous as it has been portrayed, he would have to criticize leaders who are not setting an example or taking the disease seriously.

However, regardless of how dangerous the virus may or may not be, it seems clear that the Democrats are doing what they do best: Tell everyone else what to do while living their own lives as they see fit. 


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