Obama Trashes Hip-Hop For Trump’s Improved Numbers Among Black Men

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Former President Barack Obama recently chimed in on President Trump’s increase in black support on Election Day. It was a rather eye-opening glimpse into how Democrats view black men. It was the type of “black men don’t think for themselves” drivel that one can hear from high-profile individuals on both sides of the political divide. But the fact that a former Democratic president felt comfortable making such remarks is quite revealing. 


On Wednesday, Obama participated in an interview with Peter Hamby, host of Snapchat’s “Good Luck America,” in which he explained why Trump managed to earn 18% of the black male vote in the 2020 presidential election. He argued that black men were attracted to Trump partly because of his “macho” persona. 

“If there are some in the hip-hop community who are constantly rapping about bling and depicting women in a certain way, and then they hear Donald Trump basically delivering the same version of it, they might say, ‘Yeah, that guy, that’s what I want. That’s what I want to be,’” the former president said. 

Obama seemed to try to temper his asinine remarks by claiming that his theory applies to men of all races. “I think men generally are more susceptible to public figures who act tough, sort of a stereotypical macho style,” he said. “I don’t think Black men are immune to that any more than white or Hispanic men are.”

The former president also pointed out that plenty of progressive black men exist, who are somehow better than those who don’t identify as far-left. “Those of us who are progressive, who think, for example, that women should be treated with respect and dignity or wealth isn’t the measure of worth, we should have a more equitable society, we can’t take for granted any group,” he noted.


Obama acknowledged that many black Americans have conservative leanings. He said black neighborhoods still have “a bunch of folks who are churchgoing folks” with “pretty conservative views about a lot of things. 

He noted some black neighborhoods still had “a bunch of folks who are churchgoing folks” that still had “pretty conservative views about a lot of things.”

There you have it, folks. Trump received 18% of the black male vote because black men love demeaning women because hip-hop tells them to. In fact, it is Trump’s supposed embodiment of the hip-hop ethos that attracted black men to support him. 

It couldn’t possibly be that black men, regardless of political affiliation, make their decision based on policy and the issues that impact their lives, could it? There is absolutely no way that 18% of black male voters looked at Trump’s economic record and decided to reject Biden, right? 

The reality is that the black community, in general, isn’t as ecstatic about the Democratic Party as the left would like you to think. Already, Biden is receiving criticism from black Americans because he is appearing to ignore them after he seemingly won the election. Black voters were likely part of the 46% of Biden voters who were voting against Trump rather than for the former vice president. 


In light of this, it is not surprising that 18% of black men pulled the lever for Trump; They didn’t feel they had in Joe Biden a candidate that could continue the economic successes of the past four years. Claiming that 18% of black men voting for Trump because of hip-hop music is as absurd as claiming that the same music is responsible for high crime rates in predominantly black cities. 

It is the same type of foolish and intellectually lazy argument that people on both sides use to distract from the fact that black people actually do put thought into their voting decisions. Partisans use these types of assertions to distract from the failures of their own parties. In essence, they pretend that black folks are dumb and can’t think for themselves to deflect from the fact that their party has serious flaws that are turning black folks off. 

But Obama’s remarks aren’t his own — it is just an example of what the left believes about the black community. It is the same type of demeaning and elitist approach to black men that too many black conservatives exhibit. In reality, these folks are cut from the same cloth, and they exist on both sides of the political spectrum. 


Most of their politicians and pundits don’t take black folks seriously, and it is having an impact on voting patterns. This is a prime opportunity for conservatives to begin making inroads with disaffected black voters who are tired of the Democratic Party’s lies and ineptitude. Hopefully, the GOP will be wise enough to build on what President Trump started. 


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