Louisville Mayor Just Cured Racism With Major Declaration


The Democratic Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky just signed an executive order that eliminated racism forever and ever. According to a recent press release, Greg Fischer signed an Executive Order on Tuesday declaring racism a public health crisis in the city. 


The Courier-Journal reported, “writing that a ‘tremendous gap’ exists in privileges and opportunities, Fischer signed an executive order targeting seven areas of racial injustice — public safety, children and families, employment, Black wealth, housing, health and voting.”

During a virtual speech, Fischer discussed the issues black residents of the city face due to racism and what his administration will do to solve the problem. “Advancing racial equity has been a major focus of our work at Metro Government for the past 10 years,” he said. “But it’s clear that we need to move faster and invest more resources. We need to do everything we can to repair distrust through action.”

The mayor brought up the killing of Breonna Taylor by Louisville police officers. He said the incident “made our city a focal point for America’s reckoning on racial justice” and that in order to move forward, they must address the causes of racism and acknowledge that it still has an impact today. 

“For too many Louisvillians, racism is a fact of daily life, a fact that was created and documented in our country’s laws and institutional policies like segregation, redlining, and urban renewal,” he said. “Laws and policies that restrict the freedom of all Americans to exercise their constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Laws and policies that can restrict where people live, what schools they attend and what jobs they can get. And laws and policies that effectively limit the wealth they can earn and pass on to their children.”


Fischer outlined several factors that have damaged the black community in Louisville. He pointed out that the black poverty rate in the city is almost three times the white poverty rate. Also, black residents make up about 22.4% of Louisville’s population but represent only 2.4 percent of the city’s businesses. The mayor noted that the percentage of black residents who own homes is half of the percentage of white residents. 

“All of these and a million other statistics and real-life experiences tell us that our systems are more than broken – they must be dismantled and replaced,” the mayor said. He suggested that the city rethinks “how government, business, education, health care and other institutions operate so that we make sure everyone really has a fair and equal shot at the American dream, at expanding their opportunities, at realizing their full human potential.”

The Mayor’s Executive Order lays out the societal, economic, physical and mental health impacts of racism on not just Black Louisville, but all of the city’s residents.

According to the mayor’s press release: “This executive order outlines seven key areas for Louisville Metro Government to address the city’s racial equity challenges: public safety; children and families; Black employment; Black wealth; housing and neighborhood investment; health; and voting.”


“These reforms will require a strong commitment and a lot of work,” Fischer said. “But I believe it can be done – in part because when I look around Louisville and talk to people from every neighborhood and background, I sense a greater and broader understanding and desire to address racial equity than ever before.”

Some aspects of the mayor’s plan sound somewhat decent. It will supposedly address police reform by promoting community policing and greater accountability. The plan would “assist small Black-owned businesses with access to capital and support pathways to entrepreneurship through training, assistance and access to opportunities.”

But here’s the thing: Pretty much everything contained in the plant is the same type of promises that Democrats at the local level dangle in front of the faces of black residents on the regular. The majority of incidents involving police brutality occur in Democrat-run cities. Leftist policies have also made it more difficult for black folks to start businesses. 

This is by design, dear reader. 

The last thing that Democrats want to do is implement policies that would empower black people to elevate themselves. It is why they create conditions that lead to poverty, crime, lack of quality education, and, yes, police misconduct. 


Democratic politicians position themselves as the party that takes care of the poor. To accomplish this, leftists deliberately used policies intended to maintain a high level of poverty in black communities. Since they have no competition from the GOP, they can get away with this while remaining in power. 

In the end, Fischer’s declaration will likely be shown for what it is: An empty overture to a community that Democrats view as nothing more than political pawns used to hold on to power. 


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