Trump Supporters Trolled Kamala Harris At Palm Beach Rally

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Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) had some unexpected guests show up to a last-minute rally in Palm Beach, Florida on Saturday. Trump supporters showed up to engage in a bit of trolling in the leadup to the election. 


The vice presidential nominee held three events in Florida in a last-minute push to garner more votes. President Trump holds a slight lead over former Vice President Joe Biden in the battleground state. 

WPTV, a local news outlet, reported that a “good number” of Trump supporters attended the event, waving giant Trump flags and signs. According to WPTV, the president’s supporters “were kept across the parking lot, but several said they wanted to make their presence known.” 

A man named Michael told the news station that they attended to show their support for Trump. “We definitely want four more years,” Michael said. ‘Everybody is thrilled for President Trump and his victory.”

Over the past week, both Trump and Biden have made campaign trips to swing states in an effort to earn more votes. Biden and Harris have even traveled to traditionally red states like Arizona and Texas, where the former vice president is dangerously close to Trump in the polls. 

In Florida, the Biden campaign is honing in on black voters, holding “Souls to the Polls” events designed to drum up support in the black community. According to Politico, “Democrats remain fretful that Black voter participation will lag as it did four years ago when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by nearly 113,000 votes in the state. Barack Obama won Florida both times he was on the ballot.”


North Miami Mayor Philippe Bien-Aime told Politico: “You don’t see the enthusiasm of the two elections with Obama, where you’d see people with bumper stickers and flags and signs. I don’t see it this year. I’m not going to say I’m concerned, but it’s not the same this time.” He continued, “The pandemic did a lot of harm because it stopped us from doing door-to-door and even the party at the beginning didn’t want to do it to scare people.”

A Monday poll from 7News Miami and Emerson College shows Biden six points ahead of President Trump in the state, which has been critical to previous Republican victories.  According to Newsweek, “Florida is always an important bellwether state, indicating which way the election is heading. For Republicans, the state has often been key to victory; in two of the GOP’s last three election wins, the party could not have prevailed without taking the Sunshine State.”

Of course, it is worth remembering how 2016 turned out — every major poll had Trump losing to Clinton. We know how that worked out. Even still, all indications show that this race will be close. 


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