Protesters Attack Trump Supporters During Virginia Rally


A pro-Trump rally on Sunday led to violent confrontations between protesters and Trump supporters at the Robert E. Lee monument in Virginia. This incident is one of several similar situations in which protesters have attacked Trump supporters in the leadup to the presidential election. 


The mobile political rally, which was called a “Trump train,” arrived in Richmond in the afternoon with numerous vehicles participating in the event. “Some of the vehicles left the roadway and crossed grassy medians near the area,” Richmond police told Fox News.

As the convoy attempted to round the monument, protesters swarmed the vehicles, trying to block their progress. Reports indicate that some of the protesters acted in an aggressive manners against the Trump supporters in the vehicles. 

At one point, a loud bang was heard as the confrontation occurred. Officers investigated a report of gunfire striking an unoccupied vehicle. 

Richmond City Council candidate Mike Dickinson, the organizer of the event, stated that none of the conservative participants fired the shot. Indeed, he speculated that the loud bang was not gunfire, but a backfiring car. 

“As you could see today, we have a culture of lawlessness and mob attack mentality,” Dickinson asserted. “It’s ridiculous that in the city of Richmond, you can’t drive down our roads without having people throw bottles at you and attack your vehicle and be violent towards you.”

According to the Daily News-Record, at least two protesters claimed the sound was a gunshot. One said, “I almost died, bro.” 

The conflict came a week after a Virginia judge ruled that Gov. Ralph Northam’s order to remove the Robert E. Lee statue was enforceable. The ruling also prohibited the removal of the statue pending an appeal from those who wish to leave the monument standing. 


This isn’t the only example of increased political violence that has been occurring as Election Day draws nearer. On Saturday, rioters in Portland, Oregon vandalized local businesses, breaking windows and engaging in other violent activities. After police drove them from the area, they marched into residential areas, screaming at residents and throwing trash into the street. In New York City, progressive protesters physically assaulted Trump supporters during a “Jews for Trump” event. 

Regardless of the outcome of the election, it can be expected that far-leftist agitators will continue to engage in political violence. They will persist in their activities primarily because local authorities refuse to put a permanent stop to these acts of violence. 


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