Altercation Over Stolen Trump Sign Leaves 3 With Gunshot Wounds In Kansas

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As if you needed more evidence that political tensions are growing more fierce as the election looms around the corner, three individuals were shot over a confrontation regarding a stolen Trump sign. This story is yet another that shows that the nation needs to calm down. Unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen anytime soon. 


A Kansas man allegedly shot three people after confronting them over his suspicion that the victims had stolen Trump signs from his yard, according to local police. The man, who has not yet been identified, approached the three men around 11 pm on Saturday because he believed they were responsible for stealing his political signs. 

One of the victims was rushed to the hospital with possibly life-threatening injuries. The other two were taken to the hospital in a private vehicle. 

WVLT reported that “two people were taken into custody for questioning.” So far, the police have made no arrests in connection with the shooting. Topeka police told the news outlet that other political signs supporting both Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden had been stolen over the past two weeks. 

According to WBTV, the three shooting victims are juveniles. However, “two other juveniles are also listed as victims, but only of Criminal Discharge of a Firearm.” 

Police reports indicate that the ages of the juveniles include “one 17-year-old youth, two 16-year-old youths and two 15-year-old youths,” according to the news outlet.


“We ask for the community’s patience as investigators diligently work to determine the facts surrounding this case. No arrests have been made as of this writing. Arrests may be forthcoming pending the outcome of the investigation,” said Gretchen Spiker, Public Relations Specialist for the Topeka Police Department.

Topeka Police stated that the shooter gave a statement indicating that Trump signs were recently stolen from their property and believed that individuals near their home might have been the culprits. Police have not yet confirmed whether or not they suspect the juveniles of stealing the signs. 

The police department told WBTV that officers were called to the scene after a report of gunshots. Upon arriving, they found that one of the victims had been shot multiple times inside of a vehicle that had been crashed. Later, during the investigation, two more shooting victims show up at local hospitals. 

Law enforcement has not yet released all of the details of the shooting, but it seems clear that this incident was a dispute over politics. We have seen multiple stories nationwide involving people stealing Trump and Biden signs. But now, we have a story in which someone was nearly killed over this type of foolishness. 


The victims may not have stolen the Trump signs, but even if they did, it obviously does not warrant a possible death sentence. Unfortunately, as America’s political climate continues to grow more heated, incidents like these are likely to rise. Even now, it seems that stories about radical left-wing extremist groups engaging in rioting and physical violence against Trump supporters have become commonplace, and it does not appear that either outcome of the election will have an impact. 


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