Op-Ed: President Trump Must Start Condemning White Supremacy Every Day, Just So We Can Be Extra Sure

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It’s been a rather tumultuous couple days, hasn’t it? Only days after a raucous presidential debate between Trump and Biden, the American public found out that the president has tested positive for the coronavirus and is now at Walter Reed Hospital. But the current political upheaval has left the nation wondering: Has Trump condemned white supremacy again today? 


Yes, we know that Trump denounced white supremacists on Wednesday, the day after the debate when he made the much-ballyhooed blunder on the question of rejecting white supremacy. Moreover, the president condemned white supremacist groups, and even the Proud Boys, by name. Even more than that, he has also expressed similar sentiments on many occasions before the debate. 

But he didn’t do it on Friday even though he had the perfect opportunity. Even conservative commentator Stephen L. Miller noticed and expressed his outrage on Twitter:


But maybe it makes sense for him to do it more often, just to make sure he means it. That’s why I’m calling on the president to begin giving daily condemnations of white supremacy so that the nation can be extra extra extra sure that he doesn’t like it. 

It doesn’t even have to be anything fancy. Just a short live-streamed video in which the president recites the current date, and then says something like, “want to say once again that I totally, fully, completely, entirely, indubitably reject white supremacy in all its forms.”


After that, the president should recite a list of every single solitary white supremacist organization that has ever existed in the United States. It wouldn’t be difficult; we could have the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) compile the document. After all, they’ve been accurate so far when it comes to identifying and cataloging hate groups, right?

But, it’s worth noting that the president wouldn’t have to stop with repudiating white supremacy every day. He could find other ways to remind the nation that he doesn’t have a white hood in his closet. He could reassure us even when he’s in the hospital. 

For example, how much of the medical staff that is treating him is made up of minorities, women, and members of the LGBT community? Is anyone filming him being nice to people who are not straight white males? These are the things that America needs to see on a daily basis, otherwise, it is a clear indicator that President Trump is into white supremacy and stuff. 

I understand that the nation is facing a lot right now including the possibility of a contested election, a raging debate over the Supreme Court, nationwide civil unrest, and heightened racial tensions. These are all important issues on the minds of Americans, which is exactly why the president needs to focus on assuring everyone that he’s not down with the white supremacists. 


Trump being proactive about his condemnations of white supremacy will also give our hard-working journalists a much-needed reprieve. This way, they don’t have to keep asking him how he feels about white supremacists every day, they can just watch the video and be reassured. Wouldn’t that be a win for everyone involved? 


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