Sports Journalist Loses Job After Calling Sen. Tim Scott ‘Uncle Tom’

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A sports reporter recently lost his job for hurling a racial epithet at Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) after the presidential debate. Fred Gerteiny, who worked with News 12 Network, used the slur because of the senator’s reaction to President Donald Trump’s response to a question about white supremacy during the debate. 


In a now-deleted tweet, Gerteiny referred to Sen. Scott as an “Uncle Tom,” which is a favorite for leftists who lack the mental capacity to make a cogent argument when confronted with a black conservative. “Thanks Uncle Tom,” he tweeted, responding to a story in which the senator speculated that President Trump “misspoke” during the question on white supremacists. In the video, Scott suggested that the president clarify his comments which the president did in a Wednesday interview with reporters on the White House front lawn. 

News 12 Networks, Gerteiny’s former employer, released a statement announcing that they have parted ways with the reporter. “After reviewing the incident, the network released sports reporter, Fred Gerteiny, as a result of a racially insensitive comment,” they explained. “News 12 Networks has a zero tolerance policy for racism or improper conduct based on race, and prides itself on being an objective and unbiased multi-platform news company.”

Gerteiny issued an apology on Twitter Wednesday evening. “Earlier today, I tweeted a racially insensitive comment, when I referred to @SenatorTimScott as an ‘Uncle Tom.’ I apologize to the Senator, my colleagues @News12CT, and anyone else I may have offended with this deeply offensive tweet.”


Oddly enough, the sportscaster’s apology tweet has also been deleted. The reporter has also shut down his Twitter account. 

This is not the first time Sen. Scott has been subject to racist attacks from the left. I wrote about this in 2017, when he read some of the racist tweets and emails he has received in front of Congress. 

These types of attacks are an issue on both sides. But it is rare that you see someone of the leftist persuasion call out individuals on their side for engaging in this blatantly racist behavior. In fact, the only time they seem willing to address racism in their camp is when the perpetrator is directing this conduct at another leftist. 

Hypocrisy is no stranger to politics. However, the fact that the left will routinely ignore, or even defend, racism in its ranks while casting themselves as the champions of antiracism is a particularly nasty version of “do as I say, not as I do.” 

Former Vice President Joe Biden can tell black Americans that they aren’t black, lie about attending a historically black college, and utter a series of other racially sensitive remarks without much backlash from his team. Yet, when Trump flubs an answer to a mindless question on white supremacists, they take issue. 


This type of dishonesty on the part of the far left is one of the fundamental indicators that these folks don’t actually care about racism in the slightest despite their incessant caterwauling and virtue signaling about bigotry. It is this tendency that cost them the 2016 election, and there is a decent chance that it might contribute to their loss in 2020.


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