Louisville Police Arrest 127 In Breonna Taylor Protests

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After Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced that only one of the officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor would be indicted, Black Lives Matter and Antifa operatives began rioting and looting in the city of Louisville. The unrest, which has already resulted in two police officers being shot, raged through the night as the rioters destroyed property and set fires. 


The Louisville Courier-Journal reported on Thursday that the police made 127 arrests on Wednesday night. After the officers’ announcement involved in Taylor’s shooting was made, hundreds of residents marched through the city in opposition to the decision. 

According to the Courier-Journal, “some of those protesters clashed with police on Bardstown Road at about 4 pm.” Police arrested 13 people at that scene. An additional 16 arrests were made downtown before nighttime. The Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) stated that demonstrators moved a barricade to allow vehicles to be driven onto a closed road before damaging city vehicles. 

After 11 pm, LMPD took 46  individuals into custody. But that number increased after protesters who returned to Jefferson Square Park were detained outside of the Louisville jail. Department spokesman Dwight Mitchell told the press that the number had climbed to 127 before the night was over. Two journalists working with the Daily Caller were among those who had been taken into custody. 

Actions taken by city officials in the days leading up to Cameron’s announcement were an early indication that the officers involved in the shooting would not be indicted. They proactively declared a state of emergency in anticipation of the violence that eventually ensued. 


The decision has sparked a new round of both peaceful and violent demonstrations in addition to those already taking place in response to the killing of George Floyd. But protesters in other cities, including Austin, TX, Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, CA, and others. 

Given the nature of these protests, it seems likely that the city of Louisville will see more violence in the days to come. Far-left agitators are set on causing as much destruction as possible to promote their agenda, which involves defunding and abolishing law enforcement agencies even though this would go directly against black Americans’ wishes, who they claim to be championing. 


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