Suspected Arsonist Allegedly Attempts to Start Wildfire. Oregon Woman Has a Surprise for Him

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As wildfires rage across the west coast, an Oregon woman may have just prevented the problem from getting worse. After catching a suspected arsonist on her property, she decided to take action and stop him before he was able to cause more damage. 


Video footage shows Kat Cast holding the alleged arsonist at gunpoint after she saw him creeping onto her property while carrying matches. “What are you doing on my property? Did you light anything on fire?” She shouted at the man lying prone in the street. 

The unidentified man responded, claiming that he was “just passing through.” She responded, asking why he was holding matches. “I smoke,” he said. However, after Cast asks to see his cigarettes, he admitted that he did not have any. The woman remained with the man until law enforcement officers arrived and arrested him. 


Posted by Kat Cast on Saturday, September 12, 2020


In a post on Facebook, Cast explained that she does not regret her actions during the encounter. “I will tell you something though if I need to do this again to protect my family and my neighbors, I will in a heartbeat do it again, except this time I will not be as nice as I was,” she wrote. 

Cast also explained that the man has a criminal history. This criminal has got multiple warrants one of them being assaulting a police officer,” she pointed out. 

This incident occurred as wildfires are tearing through states like Oregon, Washington, and California, causing tremendous damage. The flames are so intense that the smoke has reached as far as Europe. 

The fires have already claimed the lives of at least ten people. Moreover, at least 22 people have been reported as missing in the state. 

State officials in the three states are calling on the federal government to take more action against climate change as residents deal with high temperatures and droughts. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown told CNN that in just one week, fires “burned over a million acres of beautiful Oregon.” 


This is double the amount that fires typically destroy in the same length of time. “We saw the perfect firestorm. We saw incredible winds. We saw … hot temperatures and, of course, we have a landscape that has seen 30 years of drought,” she added.

Many have speculated as to the true cause of the fires. While some blame climate change, others have pointed to arson as a possible cause. Some have even indicated that Antifa might be responsible for setting the fires. However, there is currently no evidence backing that claim. 

But this incident does demonstrate that arson might be at least partially the cause of the wildfires. Luckily, Cast was present to use her 2nd amendment right to stop another potentially devastating blaze. Otherwise, she and her neighbors could have lost their homes or even their lives. 


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