CNN Panel Weighs In On Decision To Feature Bill Clinton At The DNC

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REFORM Alliance CEO Van Jones gestures as he speaks at the launch of a partnership among recording entertainment moguls, recording artists, business and sports leaders who hope to transform the American criminal justice system, Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2019, in New York. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)


On Tuesday, former President Bill Clinton gave a five-minute speech at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). During his address, he slammed President Donald Trump for his conduct in the Oval Office. It was one of the most brazen pot-and-kettle moments in recent memory. 

Naturally, conservatives lambasted the DNC for having Clinton speak on misconduct in the Oval Office when his shenanigans while serving as president have become widely known. His romps with an intern in the White House don’t exactly put him in a position to judge others in his position. The fact that he had a relationship with convicted child rapist Jeffrey Epstein doesn’t help much either, does it? 

Apparently, this reality was lost on participants in a CNN panel on the DNC. Van Jones, Scott Jennings, and Jennifer Granholm discussed the reasons why Clinton has not been canceled for his behavior and the numerous allegations against him. 

“I am dumbfounded by this,” Jennings asked. “How is it that Bill Clinton has not been canceled by the Democratic – how has he survived all of these waves of cancellations when he has been one of the biggest violators of these rules all these years?” 


Jones answered, “We believe in redemption, brother.” 

Jennings responded saying, “We talked about the use of character to try to say, ‘Donald Trump is a man of lower character [than] Joe Biden’ … he’s fair game. That’s totally fine.”

He continued: “So you’re gonna say that in one breath and then say, ‘Character matters. Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Clinton!’ I mean, does this make sense to anyone? If you want Republicans to vote for Joe Biden, having Bill Clinton talk about character and not having drama in the Oval Office – is that the right answer?”

But Jones continued to defend the former president. “I don’t think we have to say everything that Bill Clinton has done is great, but I do think that when he has made mistakes, he’s acknowledged them, and I admire him for that,” he said.

The allegations against Clinton have been drawn into the spotlight after more information regarding his relationship with Epstein surfaced. The Daily Mail recently published a report containing a picture of the former president being massaged by one of the financier’s victims. 

Chauntae Davies, who stated that Epstein raped her on multiple occasions, is seen on the photographs rubbing Clinton’s shoulders at an airport in Portugal. Davies stated that the former president was a “complete gentleman,” and that he was “charming and sweet” during the trip. 


Of course, the response of Van Jones is not surprising; it mirrors the overall approach that the left takes towards Clinton and others in their camp who are accused of engaging in illicit behavior. Many on the left are more concerned with protecting members of their team than they are on applying their principles consistently. 


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